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A boy’s search for his kidnapped brother sets him against scores of mechanical minions in SONG SUMMONER: The Unsung Heroes – Encore. As the Conductor of legend, Ziggy has the ability to give physical form to music, summoning soldiers to battle from the songs in your music library. The song you choose determines which one of the over fifty unique Tune Troopers will answer the call and fight by your side.This encore performance expands on the original Song Summoner experience, offering all-new Tune Troopers and a reworked storyline twice the size of the first, with surprises for fans both old and new. Features•Follow Ziggy’s fight to save the music—and the world—from machine tyranny•Summon Tune Troopers to battle from the songs on your iPhone or iPod touch •Experiment with over fifty types of Tune Trooper•Power-up characters even when not playing, simply by listening to music•Enjoy over thirty hours worth of gameplayOfficial website:http://dlgames.square-enix.com/songsummoner/Other titles from Square Enix:Hills and Rivers Remain, Sliding Heroes, CRYSTAL DEFENDERS, CRYSTAL DEFENDERS: Vanguard StormCheck out our downloadable games on Facebook and Twitter!Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/SQUARE-ENIX-DLG/167831379364Twitterhttp://twitter.com/SquareEnixDLG

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