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Get ready for the craziest racing game ever!

Race like you never raced before! Discover a whole island with winding slopes, steep terrain and awesome detail - all beautifully rendered in a high definition quality you will find nowhere else!

Your job is to deliver parcels on Tapiti island... but beware! You only have limited time to deliver all parcels!
Race your delivery truck like a maniac over the island to unlock further routes and trucks!
After some seconds you might even overlook all the tiny little details and cool sound effects because you will be so immersed in the game!

With specific optimizitions for the iPhone 3GS, this game sqeezes every bit of performance out of your device! Runs great on the iPhone / iPod touch, too!

- Unique combination of racing and skill game

- Highly detailed graphics

- Open World: Drive where you want to! No restrictions!

- Great physics engine

- Four awesome trucks to choose from

- Autodetects your iPhone model to enable even higher detail on the iPhone 3GS

- OpenFeint coming soon!

"Parcel Panic is a fun and fast paced driving game with tons of jumps, unlockables, great graphics (...)
Mad Processor's Parcel Panic Post Car Racer 3D is really worth checking out."

"To complement the slick and thoroughly addictive gameplay, Parcel Panic boasts some truly sumptuous visuals."

"Parcel Panic is such an attractive game. Not only is the town nicely built, but it is draped with sharp textures and lots of bright color. The game runs without a hitch; I never encountered any chugging while screaming around the town. This is really some well done 3D for the iPhone and other developers should take note of its smoothness and cleanliness."

To me Parcel Panic is the best racing game of 2009 beating all other wheeled competition over the head with basic arcade fun. Highly recommended, and a definite Editors Choice from me.

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