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Huge Holiday Sale! All Jewel Quest games at the lowest price possible!

To celebrate their sparkling performance on the App Store get any Jewel Quest game; including the dazzling Jewel Quest 241 Treasure pack for only $0.99 / £0.99 / €0.79.

There is just 1 month to get this sparkler of a deal so don’t miss out

Get 2 legendary games for 1 low price! Don't miss out on this gem of a deal!

The TREASURE PACK includes "Jewel Quest II" and "Jewel Quest Deluxe" for just $2.99! Twice the match 3 fun for hours of play!

MILLIONS OF PLAYERS CAN'T BE WRONG! Experience the series that has captivated millions of fans around the world and find out why JEWEL QUEST is one the most popular casual game series ever created:

JEWEL QUEST II was featured on Apple's "Top Apps of 2008".

***JEWEL QUEST II Media reviews***
"A high-quality iPhone puzzler" – PocketGamer
"A smart, playable puzzler with extra wrinkles beyond just 'match 3'"(...), solid controls, and good production values" – IGN

***JEWEL QUEST DELUXE Media reviews***
- "It really hooked me! It's definitely worth a pickup for anyone looking for a fun puzzle game on their iPhone" – ThePortableGamer.com
- "One of the best match-3 games around" KnowYourMobile

The JEWEL QUEST series of games truly define the standard for match 3 puzzle adventure games.

30 seconds to learn, and a lifetime to master - play for hours swapping jewels to create combinations of 3 or more of the same jewels in a row. Both games will have your hooked for hours!

Embark on a journey uncovering Africa's hidden mysteries
• More than 50 new addictive puzzles
• Unlock magic power ups!
• Smooth touch screen controls

• Experience an exotic adventure across India filled with new characters, twists and surprises
• Dozens of challenging levels
• 4 new gameplay modes
• Challenge 8 opponents in riveting battles. Try to out-wit them all!
• Share the fun and your highscores with Facebook Connect


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