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Arvale: Short Tales is our highly acclaimed, lighter Role Playing Game with Varju The Druid.

Short Tales lets you leisurely explore 30 nice locations with
just the right amount of maps, characters, and menacing
(but not TOO menacing!) monsters.

Finalist for the Smartphone ane Pocket PC Awards
Best Role Playing Game of 2007!

Explore with a light, Open ended, Quest-style gameplay allowing for more of freedom

Engage lightly in hundreds of enemies using the Brand New time-based battle engine, which allows for more strategy and interaction

Relax with the Simplified Statistics System that keeps you more focused on playing and less worried about counting

Navigate mysterious territory lightly with the Improved Map feature

Encounter lightly with different Day and Night cycles which affect your Quests

Interact lightly with NPC's that react to you differently depending on your character

Travel lightly the nice areas of Arvale visiting different locales including forests, deserts, mountains, dungeons, swamps, battlefields, and many more

View Radiant, Breathtaking Illustrations and Graphical Elements

Listen to a spectacular Dynamic Musical Score which follows your actions through the game using over 90 minutes of melodies in a total of 40 Soundtracks

Experience lightly different atmospheres with weather effects like rain, fog, and snow

Feel the ambience lightly with over 130 environmental sound effects

Laugh along lightly with the hilarious story-telling and the witty dialogues that have become a signature of the Arvale series

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