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Equipment Glitch Guide by FranckKnight

Version: 0.3 | Updated: 01/06/08

Final Fantasy 1 Anniversary Edition PSP

Equipment Glitch Guide

Version 0.3
Copyrights 2007 Francis Levesque
Started on November 29th, 2007


Table of Contents

1. Version History
2. What is this bug?
3. Preparing for the bug
4. Equipping Weapons on different jobs
5. Equipping Armors on different jobs
6. Creating all new items
7. Duplication
8. Item swap list
9. Thank you to
10. End word and Disclaimer


1. Version History
Semi-Final version thanks to some extra input from phaseout on the dummy 
knives. The item list, thanks to that, is now complete.

Added a new section and some more items to the list.

The start of this guide. Have to start somewhere!


2. What is this bug?
One day on GameFAQs, some one called "A Diabolical TLR " stumbled upon the bug
by accident, and posted about it, which led to another user named 
"Damnedperfecto" to further expand on it, which is covered in details here.

The bug allows you to equip weapons or armors on different jobs the they 
normally should, for example equipping a Black Mage with a Kikuichimonji.

The second part of the bug allows you to actually CREATE items that you 
shouldn't normally get at a certain part of the game, which is the whole idea 
behind this guide. The effects are very surprising.

The first character is the 'source' and the second character the 'target' in 
every case of my explanations.

The bug basically transfers what items would normally appear in the source's
list, and apply it to the 'target'. 

Changing the source will affect the results, so you can experiment, but for
the examples I'll stick to Warrior and Black Mage, two completely different
jobs to illustrate the point better.


3. Preparing for the bug
First, go to your Configuration and set Cursor to Memory. Without it, it’s 
possible to trigger the first part of the bug, but only on weapons. For every
other uses, Memory is required.

Second part, you need items in your inventory, and not equipped. To get the
best of this bug, you want to unequip everything off your characters first.

For this example, we'll set Warrior as the first character and Black Mage
as the second character in your party. I use Warrior as a source because he 
can equip more items than the other jobs, thus his list will be longer.

Make sure that when you get a new item that you want to transfer or 
experiment with, that you do not equip it. It has to be in your inventory,
as the glitch works off the list that appears, and not off what's already
on your character.

Note that this does not duplicate items in any way. If you equip your
Excalibur on the White Mage, it won't give you another one to keep on your
Warrior. This only allows you to break the game's limits on which job gets


4. Equipping weapons on different jobs

Make sure that you have weapons in your inventory. if you just started the
game, that's easy, just buy one of each at the item shop. Don't worry about
gil, that's covered in the next part.

Move to equipment, and pick your Warrior (Source). Press R to check on the
second character that should be Black Mage (Target). Make sure that the cursor
is on Weapon for both characters.

Go to Warrior, and move the cursor to Weapon if its not. Then you have to be 
quick, press R and X at the same time. If you do it properly, you should hear
only ONE confirm sound. If you hear two in rapid succession, you missed, so
simply press O button and then L to go back to Warrior and try again.

If you did it right, the weapon list of your Warrior will appear, but you will
be on Black Mage. Since when can Black mage equip a Rapier? Now they can.

5, Equipping armors on different jobs

The procedure is the same as weapons, except that you have to make sure the 
cursor on the Black Mage (Target) is set on the same armor slot than the 
Warrior (Source).

By using the R + X swap, you can equip heavy armors to your Black Mage, 
possibly giving him better survival chances than his light robes do.


6. Creating all new items

Now this is the fun part.

When you press X to list the items to equip, the game pulls out IDs. The game 
only allows to show in the list what IDs match criteria, which are the 
equipment slot and the job allowed to equip it. The game uses a different set 
of IDs for the weapons and the armors, armors including shields, heads, body 
and hands.

If you followed the bug up to now, you'll noticed that we traded Weapon to
Weapon and Armor to Armor, making sure it’s the same slots every time.

Now what happens if you try to equip a weapon from the source, into the
armor of the target?

The game gets mixed up, and pulls out the IDs of the Target's weapon list,
but fills the Target's list with the armors that matches the ID of the 

What does that mean? If, for example, you had a Hammer in your inventory, 
and swapped from a weapon to armor, the Hammer's ID is actually... 
A Knight's Armor! 

Yes, Hammer and Knight's Armor share the same ID, but in different lists
(weapon and armor), so when swapping that is what gets listed instead.
Interesting isn't it?

But like the previous methods shown, if you already had a Knight's Armor
in your inventory, you will be equipping that one instead. But if you have
none of that item, it will be CREATED for you. The game lists it, so it 
thinks you must have it, and adds it to your inventory if you had none. 
The game gets a little confused with this bug it seems.

You still can't duplicate items, as pointed out, but you can easily just 
create an item, unequip, sell it and then create another, as long as you
leave none in your inventory when using the trick.

But you can create more than one at a time if you change the cursor to
different slots. You can actually equip a Knight's Armor on the Shield,
Head, Body and Hand slots with this method, as the IDs for armors are
all in the same list.

With that in mind, you can actually equip 4 Knight's Armor to a single
character, unequip all of them and sell them for alot of gil.


Using this glitch, you can equip any armor into the shield's slot, but 
make sure to unequip it before a fight. During a fight, if the Shield 
animation is brought up when it’s not an actual shield, the game can crash 
due to being unable to load the matching sprite. You should avoid leaving
any Head, Body and Hand pieces in the Shield slot.


Now go experiment! When you get a new item in the game, just make sure
it’s unequipped and use this method to find out what item it creates.
Remember to change the 'source' to a character that can actually equip
it, else it won't appear in the list. Warrior can equip most, but not 
all, of the items, so results can vary if you change Sources.


7. Duplication

To explain a bit at first, if you use the basics of creating items, you should
have figured out that you can by this method also duplicate them, baring a few 
limitations to it. But due to a few emails I received, I thought it might be
better to clarify it in this section.

So if you start from the begining :
-You can equip items on different jobs, if you already have one in your 
-You can create a new item if you have a job that can equip the original,
 using the glitch you can create it's counterpart in weapon or armor.

Given those, duplication is obvious if you take the original item used, and 
then  reverse the process with the new item created from it, creating the 
original item once more by the process, making a sort of duplicate.

The limitations are simple :
-You need to make sure that none of that item are in your inventory, else 
 that one gets equipped instead. 
-You are limited to 4 weapons (one per character) and 16 armors (4 per 
 character). Obviously you don't need more than that either.
-You are limited to items you can equip with your current jobs, either from
 the original item or the created item to reverse it.

Removing the item from inventory can be done in two ways :
-Selling or dropping the item from your inventory.
-Equipping it to someone.

Selling is of course how to make money using this trick. 
Equipping removes the item from your inventory, as far as the game goes to 
create a list of equipable items everytime.

So basically, here how it works :
-Take the Hammer, leave it in your inventory.
-Create a Knight's Armor with it.
-Equip the Hammer to Warrior or White Mage, or use the trick to equip it on
 someone else.
-Use the Knight's Armor to create another Hammer.
-Unequip the first one you had, you'll have two Hammers in your inventory.

The 4 weapons limit is obviously because you only can equip one weapon per
character, and if you have one in your inventory that one gets equipped 
instead, limiting you to counting only equipped ones. Same goes with armors.
Obviously though, you don't need more than 4 of a single weapon either,
and 16 armors is overkill unless to sell.

The problem comes when you create result items you can't equip. For example,
if you use a Leather Cap to make a Judgement Staff, at the start of the game
no one in your party can equip the Judgement Staff, since it's only usable by
Black Wizard. Just keep that in mind, you simply can't duplicate certain items
because of your job selection as a result.


8. Item swap list

Now that you know how to create the bug, let's talk about what item will
create which other. This assumes that you're going from Weapon to Armor,
or Armor to Weapon of course, depending on the target's result you want.

The list has the weapons on the left, and the armors on the right, but
the bug works in either direction. It’s listed in alphabetical order
of weapons names.

Those I haven't figured out myself are noted with *#*, which are credited in
the thanks section. Thank you for your contributions!

Assassin's Dagger	---	Wizard's Hat *2* *3*
Asura			---	Tiger Mask
Barbarian's Sword	---	Steel Gloves
Battle Axe		---	Flame Mail
Braveheart		---	Mythril Helm
Broadsword		---	Mythril Mail
Cat Claws		---	Ice Shield
Coral Sword		---	Gaia Gear
Crosier			---	Copper Armlet
Dagger			---	Dragon Mail
Dark Claymore		---	Helm
Deathbringer		---	Diamond Helm
Defender		---	Iron Shield
Duel Rapier		---	Great Helm
Enhancer		---	Healing Helm
Excalibur		---	Protect Cloak
Falchion		---	White Robe
Flame Sword		---	Kenpogi
Gigantaxe		---	Ribbon
Gladius			---	Leather Gloves
Golden Staff		---	Gauntlets
Great Axe		---	Diamond Armlet
Great Sword		---	Sage's Supplice
Hammer			---	Knight's Armor
Healing Staff		---	Lordly Robes
Ice Brand		---	Power Sash
Iron Nunchaku		---	Diamond Armor *3*
Judgement Staff		---	Leather Cap
Knife			---	Leather Armor
Kikuichimonji		---	Twist Headband
Kotetsu			---	Feathered Cap
Light Axe		---	Survival Vest
Lightbringer		---	Elven Cloak *2*
Longsword		---	Ruby Armlet
Lust Dagger		---	Mythril Gloves
Mage Masher		---	Shadow Mask *1* *2* *3*
Mage's Staff		---	Leather Shield
Masamune		---	Genji Shield
Murasame		---	Zephyr Cape
Mythril Axe		---	Black Garb
Mythril Hammer		---	Thief's Armlet
Mythril Knife		---	Black Robe
Mythril Sword		---	Crystal Mail
Nunchaku		---	Clothes
Ogrekiller		---	Black Cowl *2* *3*
Orialcum		---	Sage's Mitre
Power Staff		---	Maximillian
Ragnarok		---	Hero's Shield *3*
Rapier			---	Iron Armor
Razer			---	Aegis Shield
Rune Axe		---	Crystal Helm *3*
Rune Blade		---	Genji Armor
Rune Staff		---	Master Shield *3*
Saber			---	Silver Armlet
Sage's Staff		---	Bronze Gloves
Sasuke's Blade		---	Buckler
Scimitar		---	Ice Armor
Staff			---	Chain Mail
Sun Blade		---	Light Robe
Thor's Hammer		---	Diamond Shield
Ultima Weapon		---	Crystal Shield *1* *3*
Viking Axe		---	Genji Helm *1* *2* *3*
Vorpal Blade		---	Flame Shield
War Hammer		---	Red Cap *2* *3*
Werebuster		---	Bard's Tunic
Wizard's Staff		---	Mythril Shield
Wyrmkiller		---	Red Jacket

Due to the difference in numbers between armors and weapons available in the
game, several armors will result into dummy 'knives', which have varying attack
powers due to the glitch. They have no graphic nor sound, but they do not
crash the game unlike the shield if you ever leave them equipped.

Angel's Ring
Crystal Gloves
Crystal Ring
Diamond Gloves
Genji Gloves
Giant's Gloves
Protect Ring
Thief's Gloves


9. Thank you to
a diabolical TLR : for finding the glitch in the first place, leading to
                   alot of fun figuring out what items do what :) 

damonperfecto :    For finding out the 'creation' of items due to 
                   memory bug.

Kevin Sue and [...] for emailing the suggestion about the duplication section.

*1* - "Don Becker" (email)
*2* - "Kevin Sue" (email)
*3* - "phaseout" @ GameFAQs

An extra thank you to pahseout for testing the glitched knives data.


10. End word and Disclaimer

I decided to write this guide after talking a bit on GameFAQs boards, and
figured that while it was too complex to put in the glitches section,
it was good to put into a guide. So here you go, gamers.

If you find any item swap that isn't listed here, do not hesitate to contact
me at franck_knight (at) sympatico.ca, and I will gladly add it here, along
with your alias as a thanks :)

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

Permissions are granted to the following websites for use of this walkthrough. 
Any other websites is prohibited from displaying this guide :
-GameFAQs/GameSpot/IGN and any affiliates

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders. Final Fantasy and item names used
here are all copyright of SquareEnix. PSP is copyright of Sony.

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