hdn™ - Yes, we can… buy iBailout!!

Hey there.

Lost your job? The house? He/She/It left you and took the kids/dog/PS3? Still got a card on file with iTunes? Well then, turn that frown upside down, because we’ve got just the ticket to cure what ails ya, right here: iBailout!!

Now, you’re not the one whose savings vanish right before their eyes and whose home slips right out from under their nose—you’re the Fed and it’s time for you to get yours!

You might think: “Me? Take money from the American people? Get rich off the backs of loyal citizens and taxpayers? Nah… not me!”

Ok, ok. I know, I know. It just doesn’t seem kosher. Why should you profit at your fellow Americans’ expense? I’ll tell you why: Screw them! Are you going to sit around like a bum and feel sorry for yourself? Or, are you going to get out there and suck these chumps dry until there’s nothing left, but cracked sidewalks and crack houses?!

“Well… All right! What’s good for the government is good for the gander! Let’s do it! Let’s get this show on the road! Yes we can!”

Now you’re talking! That’s the spirit! Welcome to the club! The Fed is ravenously hungry, standing by and awaiting your orders.

Just one piece of advice: You can fool all of the people all of the time, but only until the people turn into bloodthirsty Fed-hunting mobs and chase you down with torches, pitchforks, and baseball bats and you cowardly declare martial law.

Have fun!



A new-school, action arcade bonanza with classic yet innovative gameplay that satisfies the hardest of core while still engaging even the most novice of players—oh, and it’s got a theme and satire that’s out for blood!

Check it out:

- Control your chaos! The more cash you eat, the bigger the furiously angry mobs of Americans get!
- Who says the G20 get to have all the fun? Suspend the constitution, break out that LRAD, and declare martial law! But, don’t try to disperse the mobs of citizens by dividing and conquering, or you’ll multiply your problems and they’ll come at you from every turn!
- 10+ unique game maps of increasing difficulty with infinite challenge and replayability!
- Bailout bonus rounds! Because you’re too awesome to fail!
- Dynamic destructible environments! With every dollar you gobble up and suck out of it, the community crumbles, streets crack, and buildings go into foreclosure and on sale, right before your very eyes!
- Strategic multiplier system to earn 1-UPs! Eat three mobs or more and get 1-UP free!
- The latest in high-end consumer bonus items! You know you want that new HDTV and, heck, you downright deserve that shiny, new red sports car!
- Great pre-rendered 3D graphics and comedic cartoon style with highly detailed backgrounds and fluidly animated characters!
- Devious and craftily challenging AI! The mobs rule and stop at nothing as they relentlessly work together to chase, corner, and trap you!
- Developing narrative that unfolds humorously across three separate acts of fully animated cut scenes!
- Online global leaderboards! Show ‘em who’s boss, from Kalamazoo, MI to Tokyo, Japan!
- Customize your controls! Are you a swiper or a tilter?

A serious fun game for serious fun people! Aren’t you tired of your games not meaning anything?

A great deal, while supplies last!*

*Offer void in North Korea, Somali pirate havens, and Federal Reserve branch offices.


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