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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SubSane

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                                  THE SIMPSONS ARCADE
                                 FAQ/WALKTHROUGH, v1.0
                                Based on the iOS version
                           Written and maintained by SubSane
                                Last updated 2013.04.07
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        1.01 Game Details
        1.02 Story
    2.0 THE BASICS
        2.01 Game Start
        2.02 On-Screen Display
        2.03 Controls 'n Techniques
        2.04 Characters
        2.05 Items
        3.01 Downtown Springfield
        3.02 Springfield Mall
        3.03 Channel 6 Studios
        3.04 Krustyland
        3.05 GOP Headquarters
        3.06 Burns's Mansion
    6.0 LEGAL / MISC.
        6.01 Version History
        6.02 Guide Credits
        6.03 Contact Information
        6.04 Legal Stuff
    ===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION ========================================================
                                  1.01  Game Details
    This particular game is not the same as 'The Simpsons Arcade' released in 1991.
    Instead, EA developed a new game in the same beat-em-up style as the original.
    This game was released in 2009.
                                      1.02  Story
    Join Homer on a hilarious chase through Springfield in drooling pursuit of some
    frosted fried dough. Clueless and hungry, he has no idea his doughnut is the
    key to a devious scheme by Mr. Burns. Race through 6 levels before the plan is
    exposed... or EATEN! Run into your favorite characters like Krusty, Bumblebee
    Man & The Rich Texan!
    ===== 2.0 THE BASICS ==========================================================
                                    2.01  Game Start
    Continue Game: Continue from a previously unlocked level.
    New Game: Launch a new game.
    Get More EA Games: Just a cross-promotion page for other EA games.
    Music Library: Add your own songs to the game's music library.
    Options: Modify the volume levels and game language.
    About: The game credits and some legal information.
    Help: Details about the gameplay.
                                2.02  On-Screen Display
    Homer's Health: The bar in the top-left corner.
    Enemy's Health: The bar in the top-right corner.
    Points: The current score.
                              2.03  Controls 'n Techniques
    Command          |  Action
    Joystick         |  Hold this with your left thumb to move the character
    Blue             |  Jump, inflate the balloons
    Green            |  Attack, inflate the balloons
    Green (hold)     |  Charge attack
    Blue, then Green |  Jump stun
    Swipe left/right |  Slap Homer to wake him up
    Tilt device      |  Control Homer's whirlwind fist, gather doughnuts in the
                        bonus game.
                                    2.04  Characters
    Homer: The patriarch of the Simpson family. Also the one most likely to
    get in bare knuckle brawls.
    Suits: The goon squad sent to stop Homer from achieving his doughnut dreams.
    There are different varieties of suits, with more appearing further into the
    Smithers: The devious lackey of Mr. Burns. He flees early on and fights Homer
    later in the game.
    Chief Wiggum: The long, flabby arm of the law in Springfield. He appears
    midway through level 1 to fight Homer.
    Mayor Quimby: Springfield's lovably corrupt head of state. He's the final boss
    in level 1.
    Squeaky-voiced Teen: He gets minimum wage to stand around in the food court
    and fight customers in order to prevent the exposure of mega conspiracies.
    Roger Meyers, Jr.: This beloved creator of 'The Itchy & Scratchy Show' has
    enough time in his schedule to kick Homer's ass.
    Bumblebee Man: His show on Channel Ocho hasn't been doing well, and Homer's
    intrusion only riles him up.
    Kent Brockman: Any well-respected news anchor would be right to violently
    thrash anyone who interrupts a newscast.
    Sideshow Mel: Mel's role as Krusty's lackey includes stepping in as the
    mid-level boss.
    Krusty: Krusty never makes appearances at his own park unless a global mega
    conspiracy is at stake.
    Rainier Wolfcastle: The former action star isn't afraid to go Country Club
    on your ass.
    Rich Texan: Although not an elected official, the Rich Texan represents the
    crazy gun-toting ultra conservative minority.
    Waylon Smithers: Smithers may seem tough on his fly roller blades, but it
    doesn't take much to stop him. Just some face and gut punches.
    Mr. Burns: You can't expect someone like Mr. Burns to sully his hands with
    fisticuffs. But he will sully his robotic hands with Homer's face.
    Bart: He appears to ride on Homer's shoulders and unleash a sling shot attack.
    Lisa: Her assist attack is a large ground smash that kills all enemies on
    the screen.
    Marge: She appears with Maggie, who bonks Homer on the head. This drives Homer
    crazy and allows you to control his whirlwind fists by tilting the device.
    Moe: Homer's friend and booze jockey. He provides extra lives in level 1.
    Ned Flanders: Homer's neighbor and a fan of religious stuff. He drops extra
    lives in level 2.
    Milhouse: Bart's best and most nerdiest friend. He appears to give Homer extra
    lives in level 3.
    Ralph: This little dude doesn't know why he's in Krustyland, but he has a
    golden statue of Homer that he foundeded for you.
    Dr. Hibbert: He may be a Republican, but he still believes in the Hippocratic
    Oath. He'll drop extra lives in level five.
    Lenny and Carl: Homer's work pals manage to get into the strangest places,
    like Mr. Burns's mansion. They'll drop extra lives a couple of times in the
    final level.
                                      2.05  Items
    Food (Health): Doughnut, hero sandwich.
    Golden Homer: This statue is dropped by various characters throughout the
    game. Each one grants you one extra life.
    Weapons: Mallet, mail box, inanimate carbon rod, trash can, stun gun,
    TV camera, TV monitor, exploding barrel, recycle bin, baseball bat, filing
    cabinet, boomerang, pedestal.
    Team-Ups: These icons display a face of one of Homer's family members. Grab the
    icons to team up and unleash a devastating attack.
    ===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH =========================================================
                               3.01  Downtown Springfield
    Streets 1:
    Unexpected doughnuts are never a good thing for Homer.
    The first area isn't too tough. They'll introduce the black and white suits,
    as well as an attack by Quimby. Learn the basic moves and try out the jump stun
    (Blue + Green) to get a feel for it. It will come in useful in later levels.
    For now, simply proceed to the right and take out the suits along the way. Make
    sure to destroy all the crates and meet with Moe to get an extra life from him.
    You can't attack Quimby in his limo, so avoid the bombs.
    Chief Wiggum:
    Wiggum is one of the conspiratorial bad dudes who don't want Homer to eat the
    forbidden doughnut. He has your basic brawl attacks, but he also has a couple
    of cheap shots that you'll need to avoid. First up is his charge attack. You
    can't damage him while he's charging so move out of the way when you see it
    coming. The second attack is a stun gun. He'll stick close to you when he's
    going to use it, but you can counter him by using your jump stun.
    Punch him to knock him out and then step away to avoid his attacks. Repeat
    this pattern to defeat him.
    Streets 2:
    This is much like streets 1, except you'll face many more enemies than before.
    Learn to use the jump stun as well as Homer's charge attack to take out large
    groups. You'll find Marge and Lisa icons in this area, each with its own
    unique assist attack. Marge's assist is especially useful as it allows you
    to move Homer around by tilting the device. Enemies hit during this attack
    die with one hit.
    You'll encounter many of the same obstacles, including Quimby's bomb attack.
    His bombs track you so move up and down as you jump to avoid them. Fight your
    way to the right until you reach Moe's Tavern.
    Limo Chase:
    Holy crap, Quimby's not messing around. This chase sequence is simple enough
    except that two wrong moves can easily kill you. You'll need to stay at the
    top or bottom of the screen and watch Quimby's hand carefully. Move to the
    opposite side of the street the moment you see him throw a bomb. That's it.
    Avoid the middle of the street as it makes it difficult to accurately avoid
    the bombs.
    Mayor Quimby:
    Quimby finally greets you face to... phone. He immediately calls for back-up,
    which means you're left to fight his goons while he cowers in the limo's
    trunk. Of course, he can't stay in there forever.
    Fight the suits until you see Quimby poke his head up from the trunk, then
    walk over and pull him out. His defense isn't all that high so it takes only
    a few attacks to take him out. Try to leave one suit hanging around while you
    wait for Quimby because Quimby will quickly call for back-up again, leaving you
    to fight off another group of suits.
                                3.02  Springfield Mall
    Concourse 1:
    The first set of suits in here are the same as before, but then they introduce
    the brown suit. His attack can be easily avoided but you should definitely
    keep your distance until after he charges. Break the crate to get a stun gun
    and easily take out the brown suit.
    Proceed to the next area and pick up the Bart icon to take out most if not all
    of the suits in this section. Flanders will also appear to drop a golden Homer
    Squeaky-voiced Teen:
    The Squeaky-voiced Teen is a cheap one. First, he'll use barriers to hide and
    throw pizza at you. Use the charge attack to take down both barriers, and move
    up and down to avoid the hits.
    He becomes more manageable when the barriers are down, but his pizza attack
    is still dangerous. Stay far away until he launches an attack and then walk
    in to attack. You can also jump stun him to make it easier to get in close.
    Concourse 2:
    This one's pretty short. Move along and take out the enemies. You'll get plenty
    of weapons and a Marge icon at the end, all of which will be useful for staying
    far from those suits' fists. Don't give up the stun gun unless you absolutely
    need to exchange for something else.
    Roger Meyers, Jr.:
    Like all other cartoon show producers, Meyers is an axe-wielding madman bent
    on Homer's destruction.
    He has three attacks. The first is an Itchy or Scratchy dolls that walks
    around and blows up. The second is a charge attack with his mallet. The third
    attack is a swipe with his axe when he gets up from an attack.
    The doll bombs are easy to avoid, and his mallet attack makes him invincible
    while he charges it. Wait for the mallet to drop and move in to attack while
    it's stuck in the ground. Otherwise, you want to stay away. It's too risky
    to move in close except when his mallet is in the ground. Use this tactic to
    strategically wallop him.
                               3.03  Channel 6 Studios
    Studio 1:
    They introduce the exploding barrel suit at the start of this area. Stay above
    or below his line of attack and then take him out like any other goon. You can
    also pick up a barrel of your own from the crate nearby.
    Avoid the sparks from the live wires in front of the Sprinfield backdrop and
    proceed to the right. Grab that extra life from Milhouse and then fight
    off the next wave of suits. There's a handy stun gun in one of the crates that
    will help take them out.
    Bumblebee Man:
    Bumblebee Man's antics are not so funny when they're unleashed upon Homer. His
    first attack is to simply swipe at you with his antennae. The second and far
    deadlier attack is a charge attack with his bee stinger AKA his butt. The third
    attack starts after he has less than half his health remaining. He'll pause
    and then spin around the room with his maracas until he hits you or is stunned.
    The first two attacks are easily avoided and give you plenty of room to attack
    him. The third attack, however, is tougher. Use your jump stun to try and
    snap him out of it. Either way, you can attack between butt stings and when
    he's dizzy after the maracas attack. Just move up and down along the screen
    to avoid it.
    Studio 2:
    This stretch is much like the last, though with more barrel and brown suits
    to really try and muck you up. The charge attack is especially handy when
    getting through this area, as are the mallets and stun guns you'll come across.
    The sparks in this are more numerous. Watch the pattern to get by along the
    bottom of the screen.
    Kent Brockman:
    Brockman's penchant for emotional outbursts on set causes him to unleash hell
    on Homer. He twirling mic attack occurs when he gets up from an attack, so
    don't stand hear him during that window. Otherwise, his far-reaching mic
    throw is a real pain in the ass. It'll keep you running if you try and attack
    him head on.
    To do some damage, come in from above or below his position. He'll still try
    and attack but it won't hit you. If that isn't tough enough, he'll charge
    his microphone for additional damage and throw out film reels when his health
    is less than half. Like before, attack from above or below.
    Use the jump stun to take him out if he gets too close and then walk away as
    quick as you can.
                                   3.04  Krustyland
    Midway 1:
    The new Krustyface suits are the same varieties as the brawler and exploding
    barrel suits from earlier levels. However, they do introduce a new guy. The
    bolero suit--complete with mustache and pompadour--can block all of your basic
    attacks. The only way to take them down is to use the charge attack. In spite
    of this defensive tactic they are not too difficult to defeat.
    The bouncing balls are easy to avoid if you stay at the top of the screen.
    Walk along and use your jump stun to break up big groups, as any one hit can
    lead to a vicious assault from multiple dudes. You'll want to try and isolate
    individuals to attack one or two at a time and avoid taking damage. The numbers
    of enemies will increase quite a bit and it won't take much to knock you out.
    Weapons are scattered in both crates and simply lying on the ground, and they
    will all be necessary to keep your distance.
    Make sure to grab the extra life from Ralph and to use the Marge icon at
    the end to soundly defeat them toward the end.
    Sideshow Mel:
    Like most recent bosses, his has two phases. His first phase involves a long
    range bone throw attack and his second is a close range defensive move with
    his whistle. He uses the whistle any time you corner him and linger too close,
    so don't stand around for too long. The bone can be avoided by moving up and
    down. The best tactic is to wait for him to throw the bone a few times until
    he gets dizzy, then walk in and punch him once to start a charge attack.
    Release it for major damage and then walk away until he gets dizzy again.
    His second phase relies more heavily on the bone attack. Your tactic from
    before means it'll be easier to take him down when he inevitably knocks himself
    in the head with the bone.
    Midway 2:
    It gets tougher in this area as they start to rely more heavily on the bolero,
    brown, and white suits. These guys all have charge attacks which means you need
    to stay out of their line of attack as much as possible. Make use of weapons
    and your own charge attack to keep the way clear, and of course the jump stun.
    You'll get a couple of icons in this area and it's important not to waste them.
    You must wait until there is a large group of enemies on the screen before
    you grab them, as tempting as it may be.
    Krusty the Clown:
    Krusty's one of those bosses you need to stay away from until the right moment.
    His primary attack is to hop around on springs, usually right on top of your
    head. You'll need to keep moving to avoid it. If he does hit you he'll try to
    follow it up with a pie attack, which means you should move up or down
    immediately after you get up. It's tough to really trap him, but your best shot
    is to come in from above or below as he's preparing a pie attack. You can hit
    with a combo and then back away until the next time he preps a pie.
    His second phase includes a blown-up fist attack, but it deflates after he
    swings, giving you plenty of time to walk in and use a charge attack or a
                                3.05  GOP Headquarters
    Corridor 1:
    Holy mother, they really ramp up the difficulty in here. The biggest risks
    are two choke points where they unleash eight to ten enemies at a time. You'll
    know you're at a choke point when the Bart and Lisa icons appear inside some
    crates. Stop when you see the icons to allow as many suits to gather as
    possible and then use the icon for maximum effect. Certain suits--like the
    white ones--will become a major problem if you allow them to gang up, so don't
    stay in one spot hoping to face them head on. Move up and down to avoid those
    long range hits.
    The new suit is a standard blue suit equipped with a boomerang. You can
    easily avoid it and then use it against them.
    Suits aside, there will be some bat attacks and a stampede caused by the
    Rich Texan. Stay at the top of the screen for both of these. Make sure to pick
    up any and all weapons and grab the extra life from Dr. Hibbert.
    Rainier Wolfcastle:
    Wolfcastle cannot be attacked until you get the mallet weapon, so back off
    and avoid his golf bag attack and those gold club throws. He also has a close
    rang muscle flex if you get too near when his bag is missing. Eventually, a
    crate will drop into the room that contains the mallet. Avoid him until you
    can get close (but not too close) and use the mallet to knock him out.
    After a couple of hits he'll start throwing his bag directly at you. Like with
    the golf clubs, avoid the bag and wait for the crates to drop.
    His final phase will be a mano a mano fist fight, although you still can't
    directly hit him. Wait for the crates to drop as before and avoid him until
    you have a mallet in hand. He'll stick very close to you so you'll need to
    make him pause by jumping as he gets near. He'll try and punch you, giving you
    time to go for the mallet. Use it to continue your attacks until he is down
    for good.
    Corridor 2:
    This corridor is like the first. For starters, always stick to the top of the
    screen, especially as you transition into the next rooms. The bats will often
    appear right as you enter. There will also be another stampede later in the
    area. Like before, wait when you see the icons appear so you can use the
    attacks at the optimal time.
    Weapon usage continues to be crucial. Don't switch weapons until you've
    exhausted the one you have equipped and keep your distance so that weapons
    like the mallet can be used effectively.
    You'll get one more extra life in here. Save them up because the boss at the
    end will be a real challenge.
    The cows will never actually reach you unless you run into rubble and trip.
    The best place to be is right in the center, where you can move up or down
    to avoid rubble in the path. If you remain too far up or down you'll be
    limited in the path you can take to avoid the rubble.
    The toughest part of this is moving up or down fast enough. Remember that you
    don't have to go around the edge of the virtual joystick. You can simply
    tap and hold up or down to immediately move.
    Rich Texan:
    Unlike Wolfcastle, you can attack this guy at any time. Get close often and
    punch or charge attack him to start inflicting damage early on. If you stay
    too far from him he'll get a chance to shoot the ceiling and cause debris to
    fall down and hurt you. Watch for the shadows to avoid the objects before they
    fall. He also has a hat throw which occurs infrequently but is easy to spot
    before he does it.
    The Rich Texan'll pause every once in a while as he loses health to call in
    a stampede. Stay at the top of the screen during these attacks to avoid the
    During his third and final phase he'll have a gun twirl attack which will be
    his main defense when you get near. He doesn't do this often but will usually
    occur after you've knocked him out.
                                3.06  Burns's Mansion
    Hallway 1:
    Move up to the top of the screen immediately to avoid the guard dogs. Once
    that's over you'll face a single blue suit who, when defeated, turns into a
    robo suit. About every other suit in this level will turn into a robo suit,
    which really just means they're given a second life. Their attacks will be
    no different than before. Make your way through to the end and as always make
    good use of the weapons. Watch out for the second guard dog attack near the
    You won't be able to attack Smithers until he's dizzy, so don't bother trying
    to chase and punch him. His three main attacks are to throw bombs in your
    general direction, skate back and forth across the screen, and a spinning
    bomb toss.
    Smithers will drop bombs you can use during his bomb attack, but it's tricky
    to get in close enough to use them. The good thing is the bomb attack blocks
    his attacks, so you can use the bombs to stop his bomb attack, block him as
    he's skating across the screen, or interrupt his spinning attack. Just don't
    hold onto a bomb for too long or it'll blow up in your hand.
    If Smithers completes his spinning attack he'll be left dizzy. Use this time
    to go in for a charge attack or a combo.
    Hallway 2:
    The mine areas will be tricky, but if you go slowly it should be simple to
    traverse. Otherwise it's the same as the first area and with just as many
    enemies. Your best strategy at this point in the game is to use the jump
    stun often and make use of all weapons in the vicinity to quickly kill the
    suits. The charge attack is also helpful for clearing out big groups.
    There will be a couple of surprise guard dog attacks, so stay at the top of
    the screen as much as possible.
    You'll know when you're at the end of the area when you reach the second
    mine field. Avoid the mines and grab the sandwich in the first crate then
    enter to find a few crates. You'll have a Marge icon and a Bart icon here,
    so you know it's going to get heavy. Wait for a few enemies to appear and
    then grab one of the icons to clear the field. Make sure to stay at the top
    of the screen to prepare for two guard attacks. You should be able to clear
    out most enemies using the two assist attacks. Take out the stragglers to
    proceed to the next area.
    Guard Dog Chase:
    As with the stampede from level 5, your only danger here is tripping over
    obstacles in the path. This time it's the mines. Stay in the center of the
    red carpet and move up or down as the mines appear.
    Mr. Burns:
    You can't attack the machine directly while it's powered up without receiving
    a shock, so don't try that yet.
    Burns's machine may look menacing, but it has a vital weakness: the power
    source on the left side. The best strategy is to approach the bottom battery
    and begin to attack it to knock it out. Burns will approach from behind and
    if you're fast enough you'll blow the battery before Burns sends out a bomb
    or his spiked mace. You can then move on to the next battery while he's stuck
    at the bottom and repeat the process. Once all three batteries are taken out
    the machine will power down, allowing you to go in and unleash combos and
    charge attacks.
    A few rounds of this will cause the machine to break down and move on to the
    next phase without the mace arm. The bomb arm is much like before so repeat
    the process to power down the machine and continue your attacks.
    Burns's attacks in the third phase are to simply charge at you with the
    machine, but the process remains the same. Avoid his charges and continue to
    beat on the machine until it blows up.
    The fourth surprise phase will see Burns flying around and firing red laser
    beams toward you. But, like before, he's tied to those batteries. Take out the
    batteries and use some good combo attacks to defeat Burns once and for all.
    Finally, Homer can eat his doughnut.
    ... huh, what conspiracy? What secret thumb drive?
    ===== 4.0 BONUS GAMES =========================================================
    Wake Up Homer:
    If Homer dies you'll have to wake him up. Quickly swipe left and right on the
    screen to snap him out of his silly death and use up an extra life.
    Inflato Head:
    This bonus game appears between levels. Your goal is to alternate tapping the
    Blue and Green buttons in order to inflate your balloon before the other
    characters. You'll get an extra continue if you win.
    Donut Dreams:
    This bonus game appears between levels. You'll have to tilt the device left
    and right to guide Homer's mouth underneath the donuts, but don't catch any
    of the broccolli. You'll get an extra continue if you manage to collect
    twelve doughnuts.
    ===== 5.0 CODES 'N SECRETS ====================================================
    None that I know. Feel free to email me if you know of any.
    ===== 6.0 LEGAL / MISC. =======================================================
                                  6.01  Version History
    2013.04.07 - Version 1.0: Guide completed.
                                   6.02  Guide Credits
    Thanks to these folks...
    1. The people at IronMonkey Studios who made the game.
    2. Wilson Lau for his excellent guide to 'Bart vs. the Space Mutants'. It
    inspired the over 60 guides I've written to date.
    3. You for reading.
                                6.03  Contact Information
    subsane at gmail dot com
                                   6.04  Legal Stuff
    1. The Simpsons (TM) and (C) 2009 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All
    Rights Reserved. Binky Character (TM) and (C) 2009 Matt Groening Productions,
    LLC. All Rights Reserved. Game software (C) 2009 Electronic Arts Inc.
    2. This guide copyright (C) 2013 SubSane. This guide may be distributed freely 
    as long as it remains in its ORIGINAL and UNALTERED form. It is only for
    private use and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.
    If I should discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is being
    displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide removed from that

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