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As the spinning triotroids fall you line up shape/color patterns to make them explode. Triotris has 13 levels of fun and strategy awaiting so get started now! Create a line with 3 of same shape, different color or 3 of same color, different shape for 250 points. 3 of different color, different shape for 500 points. Create a line with 3 of same shape, same color for 1000 points. Bonus points are awarded for the drop arrow. Each level has more blocks and moves a little quicker. New levels also add dynamite, bombs, platforms and fourtris mode starting on level 8.Features:? Matching of triotroids in different combinations to get points.? 13 levels of fun with dynamite, bombs, platforms and fourtris mode.? Auto-save on exit so you can continue where you left off.? Game Center for leaderboards and achievements.? Fun music and sounds as you figure out the best combinations to achieve the highest score.We hope you enjoy Triotris and look forward to feedback.

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