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PAPERBOY™: The 'Officially Licenced' mobile phone game version of the 80's SUPER smash-hit coin-operated arcade game Paperboy™, designed by Dave Ralston.

- Almost 100% faithful recreation of the multi-million selling original.
- Exciting new game modes including, Time Attack, Challenge & Casual.
- Uniquely developed in 3D enabling:
o authentic Classic 2.5D in-game views,
o stunning new, 3D action-replays and multiple camera angles,
o subtle enhancement of the in-game graphics.
- Created specifically for Elite®, developers and publishers of Paperboy™ for more than 20 years.

Deliver newspapers to all the "customer" houses on the street. Avoid the hazards. Throw newspapers to damage property of "non-customer" houses to score points.

- Classic: plays just like the original arcade version.
- Casual: a little easier than Classic? Collect: 'Extra Life', 'Baseball Card' & 'Bonus Point’ icons.
- Time Attack: unlimited newspapers, but limited time. Damage a subscriber's house and you'll loose precious seconds, but damage a non-subscriber's and you'll gain some. You can also pick up items to gain extra time.
- Challenge: perform the listed actions. For a skilled paperboy this won't be too hard.

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