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-----------------------IMPORTANT:* In-App Purchase items that you have already purchased with your iTunes account can be re-obtained free of charge* Application backup after purchase is recommended.-----------------------Revolutionary aerial combat is now in your hands! The No. 1 flight action series comes to iPhone and iPod touch in Ace Combat Xi Skies of Incursion! The Ace Combat series has sold over 10 million copies sold worldwide, making it the ultimate flight action series. Join the Falco Squadron and take off towards the enemy-infested skies in this new original adventure exclusively for the iPhone/iPod touch. Choose from multiple planes and fly through beautiful vistas made from real satellite imaging! Downloadable content, including new missions and planes keep the action fast and furious! Ace Combat Xi Skies of Incursion features amazing graphics that push the limits of iPhone/iPod touch gaming! Seize the Skies!Tips:*Variable-scale control adjustment is possible using the analog virtual pad: Slide the pad within the outer ring for fine flight adjustments, outside the ring for larger flight adjustment.Features:*Original story exclusive to the iPhone/iPod touch!*Downloadable content, including real planes!*HD quality graphics! *Background environments based on real satellite imaging!*Fly freely in a full 3D, 360-degree environment.*Easy and smooth control with tilting iPhone/iPod touch. *Available in 6 languages.Check out this video!http://www.acecombat-xi.com/

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