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==== Game overview

You can simply enjoy the game with the cute character cool action and the sense *of batting.
We guarantee smooth moving and control of it.
Please enjoy the game with great fun. We are expecting a good review from you.

==== Main function ( Only Survival Mode )

Survival mode : There are enemies which present continuously so you need to drive the enemies away.

The several tens of wearable weapons, various enemies and monsters, traps. An artificial intelligence monster and an enemy are made up with fun and brightness.
The advent of upgrade armor and an unique weapon according to the certain frequency of a combo.

==== Tips

1. The more you make the combo, the more you are given various compensation.

2. If you move a shield fast up and down , a barrier will be produced.

3. The barrier will be depends on the shield that you are wearing.

4. A sheild and a knife can guard against from the flying weapons.

5. There exists a thing which can be kept off by using one of those weapon. You need to choose one from them which go with the situation.

6. If the durability of the shield goes down, you can not wear it anymore. Also, if enemies' shield get damage a lot it will be broken.

7. Certain amount of combos can make the usage of the skill.

8. The skill is changeable upon a weapon.

==== instructions :

You need to slide your finger fast right and left on the skill zone.

==== Operation method

You can make an attack of three volumes. Also you can move a shield by sliding *up and down on the inside of screen. You can make a move by tilting the screen *right and left.


Combo 10 : Repair Armor
Combo 20 : Unique Sword
Combo 25 : Level Up Armor
Combo 40 : Unique Sword
Combo 50 : Level Up Armor
Combo 60 : Unique Sword

E-mail : minny0109@naver.com

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