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`STRIKERS 1945 PLUS` the best flight shooting game ever rated by shooting maniacs are now available on Appstore ~!!!
Original `STRIKERS 1945 PLUS` created by PSIKYO which is a renowned flight shooting game will greet you on your devices either on iphone or ipod touch.

[Game features]
1.7 fighters including hidden one
2.Different types of bombs according to each fighter
3.200 dynamic and sophisticated enemy flight patterns
4.Exciting and thrilling funs
5.Option to choose levels for users
6.Various modes such as Story mode, Survival mode, Boss Rush mode

[Game Story]
: Winter of 1945, the ashes of WWII have not yet cooled when a secret organization know only as CANY attempted a coup to revive militarism. Their effort failed, but to a battle-weary population, it seemed a new shadow had spread across the world.
Meanwhile, a similar threat, code named: “F.G.R.” successfully stole top secret Department of National Defense files covering new ammunition data. By using the information provided by their spy network, the F.G.R. will do their best to return the world to the chaos and upheaval of global warfare.

Now, experience STRIKERS 1945 PLUS in your own hands !!

[Key Control]
Movement : Key Pad
Select : Blue button
Menu or Cancel : MENU button

Direction(8 directions) : Key Pad
Bomb : RED button
Super Shot : BLUE button, Super Shot(manual mode) : BLUE button for a while

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