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LIMITED TIME 66% OFF SALE for all our Plus+ enabled titles Crazy Turkey Blast, Crazy Snowboard and Scarecrow!

Crazy Turkey Blast is an action-packed customizable arcade shooting game full of unlockable prizes and gifts from the Edis Brothers!

- Addicting Just-One-More gameplay
- 7 prize categories and more than 60 unlockable prizes to discover
- Fully customizable - change weapons, targets, music, backgrounds, and more using prizes you unlock
- Send unlocked prizes to friends
- Brag about your score and unlocked prizes via in-game Twitter and email
- Intuitive controls - tilt to aim, touch to fire
- 5 Plus+ leaderboards
- More than 60 Plus+ awards to earn

Every game session awards you coins that can be used to unlock a heap of in-game prizes including: weapons, turkeys, background music, scenes, obstacles, and even clocks that adjust how long each game session lasts. How do you like your turkey? Rare? Shish-kebab? Roasted? How about BBQ? With Crazy Turkey Blast the choice is yours! Each of the 10 unlockable weapons delivers a unique (and bizarre!) way of dishing out punishment to those turkeys!

Rediscover the joy of giving...Giving it to a turkey with a flamethrower, that is!!

Featuring more than 60 Plus+ awards and 6 global leaderboards you'll be able to go head-to-head against your friends to see who is the Crazy Turkey Blast champion!

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