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The new sense action game appears
in iPhone and iPodTouch.
The name is "Mach Ball"!!

It plays a game until the turning ball
that rages reaches the length and
breadth mutual financing association
of the stage of the inducement simple.

Aim at the movement of the ball
and aim at the goalby reading multi-touch.

-It challenges the limit at the speed.
The mega-speed is challenged in the concept
and it challenges the limit of the speed.
Can it win this speed?

-Intuition operation by multi touch
It ..screen.. touches at the same time
by two fingers.
The wall is made between two points touched.
The ball is applied to this wall well,
and it aims at the goal.
Intuition power and a quick judgment become keys.

-Made ranking of each stage
Aim at the world ranking of each stage
and aim at the top in the mounting world.

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