Chuck Norris - Bring on the Pain isn't just a game. It's your invaluable guide to being better than yourself, because you're Chuck Norris, and he's better than you. That's a fact. ( 10/10 GOLD Award)

Step into the boots of Americas toughest man in the first Chuck Norris game available for your iPhone and iPod touch. A brilliantly outlandish scenario sets you, Chuck Norris, in the Cambodian jungle to release prisoners of war held hostage by a rogue army of Communist soldiers. Inspired by old-school arcade games, Chuck Norris features the enjoyable and simple ingredients of a traditional beatem up spiced up with crazy combos, exciting mini-games and totally destructible environments. The crowning touch is the ability to use your iPhone to take a picture of anyone you like (or dislike) and beat them up in the game! This is a Chuck-Norris-approved stress relief method!

* A combat system blending the tried and true mechanics of beatem up classics with new, fun combos, over-the-top animations and totally destructible environments.
*A humorous plot and crazy dialogue inspired by Chuck Norris filmography and famous Chuck Norris Facts.
*13 levels in 3 different environments (Asian jungle, Texan ranch and New York streets).
*Embody two different Chucks (Army or Texan). Combos and weapons vary depending on the Chuck character youre playing.
*A myriad of weapons from fists, kicks and karate moves to shotguns and Uzis!
*Fun mini-games showcasing the iPhones acceloremeter and touch controls, bringing variety to the beatem up gameplay with driving, shooting, saloon challenges, and more.
*Take a picture of your friends or enemies (using your iPhone) and put them in the game!

You may think this is just a game, but Chuck Norris never plays games!

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