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by Stevewins123

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Guide and Walkthrough by Stevewins123

Version: 1.75 | Updated: 10/10/2010


Hello, my name is Stephen Marcok and I'm the author of this general game guide, which is specifically for Call of Duty World at War: Zombies, on the iPod Touch or iPhone. I hope that from reading or just browsing through this guide, you'll be able to learn something about the game. Have fun slaying!

If you need to specifically find something in this guide, use the Table of Contents located to the right and find what you're looking for. Clicking what you're looking for in the sidebar should bring you to where you want to go.

If you need to contact me to ask a question, or to contribute data, you can contact me at steve.gamefaqs(at)gmail.com. If you want to inform me about spelling errors, go ahead, but please be informed that I'm spelling things the Canadian way. That's "colour," not "color!" If you email me, please put "WaW Zombies" or something similar in the email title, so I know what you're emailing about. And on a side note, please put a name to be credited by if you're contributing information.

Thanks. :-)

Game Introduction

On November 10, 2008, Treyarch released the 5th game in the Call of Duty series, titled Call of Duty World at War. Unlike its predessor, Call of Duty 4, it again featured World War II instead of modern war. It's campaign was great, and the multiplayer was just as addictive as Modern Warfare's. But what really made this game unique, was the mode unlocked after beating the campaign. Nazi Zombies. At first, it was just a minigame, but it began to become more and more popular, and became a major money-maker. Treyarch released three more map packs after the game's original release, with their major selling points being the fact that there were new maps for the Nazi Zombie mode. And now, as of November 16, 2009, the zombie-slaying experience has been brought to the iPhone and iPod Touch, for the price of 9.99 USD.

CoDWaW: Zombies Overview

CoDWaW: Zombies is all about slaying zombies. There's no end to this game, and therefore there is no way to beat it. When you start playing, you'll be on Round 1, and will encounter zombies slowly walking towards you. When you kill all of them, the round will switch to Round 2, where there will be slightly more zombies. Each round that you progress through brings more zombies, all a little bit stronger than the previous round's. Eventually, the zombies will start to run, and the game will get quite difficult. When the zombies finally overpower you, and presumably eat your brains, the game ends. There are infinite rounds, so there's no possible way to escape the zombies or win the game. The goal is simply to survive for as long as possible.

Where can I get CoDWaW: Zombies?

There are two ways that you can obtain Call of Duty World at War: Zombies. Neither of the methods include leaving your home. The first way to get it is to download it from iTunes. Note that you must have an Apple account to download it, no matter what method you choose to use.

The link to download it on your computer can be found here:


Note: That URL will redirect you to the online iTunes Store, which will then ask you if you want to open the link with iTunes. You will not be able to open the provided link without iTunes being installed on your computer. Lastly, the link will not download the Application - it will only bring you to the download page.

The second way that you can get CoDWaW: Zombies is to download it with either your iPhone, or your iPod Touch. To do so, simply enter the App Store on your device, and then search for Call of Duty World at War: Zombies. Hit the button near the top to download it, and if you're prompted to, enter your password. Once you do so, it should begin to download immediately.

Note: You will not be able to download this app on your mobile device without a wireless connection to the internet.

Game Price

Call of Duty World at War: Zombies costs 9.99 in both Canada and the USA, at this time of writing. Price is not guaranteed to be accurate, as this guide will not be updated whenever there is a price drop.


There are three different control schemes that can be used to play this game. They can be changed in the options menu, which is accessable when you pause the game. The three different control scehems are: Dual Stick, Tilt, and Touch Screen.

  1. Tilt controls your aiming completely by tilting the iPod or iPhone. For example, you would tilt the device to the right to look right, and you would tilt it to the left to look left. Moving around is controlled by a left "analog stick". In my opinion, this is the most complicated control scheme to get used to, but some people really like it. I, however, find the tilting too sensitive, so I don't really like it.
  2. Dual Stick is my favourite control scheme, as it tries to replicate the control scheme that would be used with an Xbox or Playstation controller. Both moving and aiming are controlled by two analog sticks, and to fire your gun, you tap the right analog stick. Sensitivity of each analog stick can be changed in the options menu, and you can also invert the Y axis if that's how you like to play.
  3. The last control scheme that I'm mentioning, (Touch Screen) is actually the default one. Again, you use an analog stick to move around, but to aim you drag your finger across the device's touch screen. You can also invert the Y axis, and change the sensitivity of each axis.

In the end, all that matters is what feels most comfortable to you. Try all three of them out, and see which one you like the most. Note that detailed controls can be found for each control scheme, by tapping "Control Details" on the screen that you choose your scheme on.

Playing the Game

Once you've got all your controls set up, you're ready to play the game. Tap Single Player in the Main Menu, and select your game difficulty. In Recruit difficulty, the Zombies are easier to kill and you can take more damage before getting a Game Over. However, no statistics are gathered and achievements cannot be unlocked. I would recommend playing on Recruit if you've never played before, and then switching to Regular when you get the hang of it.


Nazi Zombies uses a "points" currency. While playing, your point balance can be seen in the top left hand corner, to the immediate right of the pause button. These points are essential for moving on, and without points, you're not going to survive past the first few rounds. You use these points to open new areas, buy new guns, and use the Mystery Box. You can get points by boarding up windows, or by killing/shooting zombies. To board up broken windows, approach them and a button will pop up on your device's screen stating "Repair Barrier". Press it, and the window will begin to automatically repair, as long as you continue to stand near it. This is a good way to get points if you're just short of a necessary amount, but is by no means a proper way to get sufficient points. To get many points, you need to kill zombies. Hitting a zombie with a single bullet will get you 10 points. Killing a zombie with bullets will get you 60 points. Headshotting a zombie will get you 100 points, and lastly, knifing a zombie will get you 130 points.


When you first start playing the game at Round 1, you'll start off with a Colt M1911 pistol. This is a horrible gun, but at these beginning rounds it gets the job done. Later on, as you progress, you'll need to buy bigger and better guns, because as the zombies get stronger, shooting them with your M1911 does about as much damage as...well, nothing. As you move around the rooms, you'll probably begin to notice white, chalk drawings on the walls of the map. Don't ask how this works, but if you approach those drawings you can actually buy guns and ammo from them. When you approach them, a button will pop up on your screen asking you if you want to buy the gun that the drawing resembles. The pop up will also list the price (in points), and if you say yes, the gun will be yours and it's cost will be deducted from your point balance. Note that you can only hold two weapons at any time, so if you already have two weapons in your inventory, whatever gun you're holding when you buy a new gun will be swapped with the new gun.

Mystery Box

Another way to get guns is through the mystery box. This method is all about luck, but is the only way to get some of the best guns in the game, such as the legendary Ray Gun. The mystery box is not available in the starting room, and is located in the room behind the HELP door. (More information on getting to this room later.) The box is a long, wooden rectangular-prism, and has golden, flashing, question marks on it. To activate it, approach it. As always, a pop-up button will show, asking if you want a random weapon. If you choose to activate it, 950 points will be deducted from your point balance, and a random weapon will be chosen by the box. After the weapon is chosen, you have the option to take it from the box, or you can just leave it there if it's not what you were looking for. As always, you can only hold two weapons so if you already have two in your inventory, and you want to take from the box, you'll lose whatever weapon you're currently holding.


While playing, you'll likely encounter pickups, as long as you can survive past the first few rounds. In total, there are 4 different pick ups that all have different uses. They are: Double Points, Nuke, Max Ammo, and Insta-kill.

  • Double Points is most useful in the beginning rounds, and after Round 20 it serves little to no purpose. It acts as a multiplier, and when you get it, you'll get twice the amount of points for doing things. For example, shooting a zombie will get you 20 points, killing a zombie with bullets will get you 160, headshotting a zombie will get you 200, and knifing a zombie (to death) will get you 240 points. I say that this pickup is useless after Round 20, because at this time, you likely have great guns already, and if you don't, there will be enough zombies flooding in to get you the points that you need. Of course, if you see this lying around in the high rounds, go ahead and get it, but if there's any chance of you getting attacked while running to it, don't bother. This pickup is most useful in the beginning rounds, when you need as many points as you can possibly get.
  • Insta-kill is great in the later rounds, but bad to get in the beginning rounds. While active, Insta-kill will let you kill any zombie with just one attack. It'll only take one shot, one knife, one grenade, etc. The reason that it's bad in the beginning rounds is that when you kill zombies instantly, you don't get as many points, so when you're trying to hoard points in the starting rounds, Insta-kill is just a big pain to have active. However, in the later rounds when points aren't necessary, Insta-kill is a great way to save ammo. It's extremely effective when a player is using the flamethrower, because the flamethrower has unlimited ammo.
  • The Nuke, like Insta-kill, is good in the later rounds, yet bad in the beginning rounds. When used, all zombies in the area will burn and drop dead. However, you don't get any points for the individual deaths of the zombies, and the only points that you get is a 400 point bonus after it's used. In the later rounds when points don't matter, the Nuke can provide relief for a few seconds, giving you time to reload and regroup. However, in the beginning rounds when points are necessary, I wouldn't recommend getting the Nuke unless there's only one zombie left to kill before the round's end. This will let you maximize points.
  • Max Ammo is the key to survival, especially in the later rounds when you can quickly burn through all of your ammo. As you can probably tell from the name, getting max ammo will fill all of your ammo up, on any guns that you're carrying. It will also fill up all of your grenades. Max Ammo is useful at any stage in the game, and you should always make a big effort to get it - especially in the later rounds.


The Nacht der Untoten map is divided into 4 rooms. While they don't have official names, I'll be naming them just to make things clearer. Starting Room, HELP Room, Upstairs, and Balcony. (Note that Upstairs and Balcony are not actually separated by barriers, but they still seem like separate rooms.) Starting Room is, as you should be able to tell, the room that you start the game off in. HELP Room is the room with the Mystery Box in it, accessable from the Starting Room by opening the door that says "HELP" on it. Upstairs is the section that is linked to the HELP Room by stairs, and lastly, Balcony is the small section that is right above the Starting Room. In the following section, I'll be going over each room in more detail.

Starting Room

The Starting Room is the very first room that you'll be in, on Round 1. It's a fairly big room, with many windows, yet not many guns. If you're playing solo, I highly recommend leaving before Round 5. Round 4 is a good time, but if you have enough points and want to get to the Mystery Box early, you can go ahead and move on. If you stay past Round 5, you'll likely get overwhelmed by zombies, and you'll have played a short, disappointing game. However, if you're playing with 3 or 4 people, you could probably stay past 5 safely, and leave around Round 6 or 7 instead.

  • Guns: Kar98k, M1 Carbine
  • Windows: 5
  • Exits: 2 (Balcony, HELP Room)


After exiting the Starting Room, most people tend to choose going over to the HELP Room instead of to the Balcony. This normally happens for two reasons. First of all, the Mystery Box is located in the HELP Room, and that's the only way to get powerful weapons like the Ray Gun, MG42, or Browning. Second of all, many people like to camp in the Balcony room until death, and opening up a quick passage there via stairs makes the camping strategy much more difficult. However, if for some reason you or your teammates have already opened up the stairs leading to the Balcony, I would highly recommend NOT opening the HELP Room door unless you absolutely need to. You can still access the HELP room by clearing the wreckage on both sets of stairs, but in the event that the stairs leading to the balcony (from the Starting Room) are unblocked, opening the HELP door would just make it much easier for zombies to swarm you.

Getting back on topic, the HELP room is necessary to eventually open, and preferably in the beginning rounds (Rounds 5-10). Without the mystery box, you'll have an extremely difficult time getting anywhere in this game.

  • Guns: Mystery Box, Thompson, Double-Barrelled Shotgun
  • Windows: 3 (One "window" is actually a concrete wall that can be broken down and repaired.)
  • Exits: 2 (Upstairs, Starting Room)


Please note that in this specific guide, I'm separating the main upstairs room from the small, upstairs room (Balcony).

Upstairs is accessable from the HELP Room, as well as the Balcony. In between the HELP Room and the Upstairs there is a barrier that costs 1000 points to remove, but in between the Balcony and the Upstairs there is absolutely no obstacles. For this reason, many people like to call the entire upstairs level "one room," but for explanation purposes, I like to consider them two, so I can give a bit more detail on them. The "Upstairs" room is hardly ever a spot for camping or run'n'gunning, but there are some good weapons to be found for the beginning rounds. Other than that, I hardly ever enter this room, unless I'm running from the Balcony to the HELP room.

  • Guns: M2 Flamethrower, BAR, Trench Gun
  • Windows: 3
  • Exits: 2 (HELP Room, Balcony)


For most people, this is the last room that is accessed, yet is the room that the most time is spent in. For players or teams that like to camp, this is the best spot because of the way that it's designed. Though there's only one crappy gun here, the room is still great, because there's only one window, and one entrance, assuming that the stairs leading to the room (from the Starting Room) have not yet been opened! With teams of four, one person can devote themselves to dealing with whatever zombies attempt to enter through the window, and then the other three people can guard the one entrance, ensuring that no zombies get in. This is a great strategy, and if you're using it with 3 other intelligent players, you'll easily pass Round 20, nabbing the Awesome Badassery achievement.

  • Guns: Steilhandgrenade, Sawed Off Double-Barrelled Shotgun
  • Windows: 1
  • Exits: 2 (Upstairs, Starting Room)


As stated earlier, there are two ways to get guns and weapons: wall drawings, and the Mystery Box. This section will list the guns and weapons found in the game, and will sort them based on whether they can be found on walls, or if they're Mystery Box exclusives.

Wall Drawings

As you wander around the map, you'll see these white, chalk drawings on some of the walls. If you approach them, you'll be able to buy them for their price, which will be stated under the name of the gun. If you choose to buy it, you can tap a button, and the gun will be added to your inventory. If you already have two guns, whatever gun you're holding will be lost when you buy a new one. This section will go over all of the guns that can be found outside of the Mystery Box.

Colt M1911 (Pistol)
  • Cost: N/A (You start with it)
  • Ammo: N/A
  • Starting Ammo: 8/32

The Colt M1911 is good in the beginning rounds, yet useless in the later rounds. (Rounds 5+) For these beginning rounds, I would recommend using it because of it's low power. This will allow you to get more shots into the zombies before they die, resulting in you getting the maximum amount of points. However, in later rounds, using this gun will ensure a fast death. Definitely replace it by the time you open up the HELP Room, or the Balcony. Oh, and the only way that you'll see this gun again after replacing it is if you go down, and need to be revived.

Kar98k (Bolt Action Rifle)
  • Cost: 200
  • Ammo: 100
  • Starting Ammo: 5/50

The Kar98k is one of two weapons located in the Starting Room, and it competes with the M1 Carbine. Personally, I'd say that the two equal. The Kar98k costs less, but has less ammo and rate of fire. When playing solo, I'll pick the M1 Carbine over this, but in multiplayer when all the zombies aren't targeting me alone, I'll go for the Kar98k. Overall, it's a good gun for the beginning rounds, but if you're past Round 10 with only this in your hands, you're in trouble. This gun is normally only used to keep people going until they open up either the Balcony or HELP Room, and it doesn't serve too much of a purpose past that point.

M1 Carbine (Rifle)
  • Cost: 600
  • Ammo: 300
  • Starting Ammo: 15/120

The second and more expensive gun to be found in the Starting Room, the M1 Carbine competes with the Kar98k. It costs three times as much, much has a much higher rate of fire, has more ammo, and is overall easier to use. As I stated before, this gun is better if you're playing Solo, as you'll be able to deal with more zombies, but in multiplayer, I would recommend the Kar98k over this. This gun will also be useful farther into the game, and if you pass Round 10 with only this in hand, you won't be in as much trouble as if you were to only have the Kar98k in hand.

Thompson (SMG)
  • Cost: 1500
  • Ammo: 750
  • Starting Ammo: 20/200

This should definitely be one of the first few guns that you pick up in the game. It does amazing in the first few Rounds, and will net you a lot of points. It has a high rate of fire, medium capacity, and medium power, and overall, it's a great SMG. I myself pick up the Thompson before choosing to spend points at the Mystery Box, because normally, when I first enter the HELP Room in need of a gun, I don't have enough points to buy a backup gun in the event that the Mystery Box gives me a below-average weapon. However, if you like to take that chance, or have enough points to try for both, go ahead and try out the Mystery Box first. Maybe you'll get something better.

The Thompson should be used until you have enough points to make multiple attempts at the Mystery Box, giving you a good chance at getting weapons like the MG42 or Ray Gun.

Double-Barrelled Shotgun (Shotgun)
  • Cost: 1200
  • Ammo: 600
  • Starting Ammo: 2/60

Honestly, this gun is a huge waste of money. Sure, it's extremely powerful, but this shotgun has only a fair firing rate, horrible range, and atrocious reloading time. You'll spend about 1 second shooting, followed by around 3.5 seconds of reloading. Rinse and repeat, and you have this gun. You'll get somewhere with this, but I would highly recommend buying the Thompson over it. The Thompson is only 300 points more, yet is way better. If you only have enough points for this, and not the Thompson, you might even want to try for the Mystery Box.

M2 Flamethrower (Other)
  • Cost: 2000
  • Ammo: N/A
  • Starting Ammo: N/A (Unlimited)

This weapon is actually good, compared to how it was in the console versions of the game. It'll get you a lot of points, and it seems to have a shorter cooling time than it did in other versions. Of course, after Round 15, it becomes sort of useless, but before then, I would try it out. It's easy to use, and all you have to do with it is spray. It has unlimited ammo, making it extremely effective when the pickup Insta-kill is in effect.

Note that this weapon is not actually found on the walls. Rather, it is found sitting in a cabinet located Upstairs. In the console and PC versions of this game, this cabinet was originally the resting place of a scoped sniper rifle, but the developers decided to replace it with a Flamethrower in this version. Also note that when this cabinet is opened, you are immediately given the Flamethrower and it replaces whatever weapon you are currently holding (assuming you have two in your inventory.) There was a time that I didn't know this, and when I opened the cabinet I accidentally swapped my Ray Gun for the Flamethrower, at Round 25. Yeah... that didn't end too well. =/

BAR (Machine Gun)
  • Cost: 1800
  • Ammo: 900
  • Starting Ammo: 20/140

This is a powerful gun, but it has a mediocre clip size and rate of fire. There are many better machine guns that can be found in the Mystery Box, and for this gun's high price, I would recommend just going to the Mystery Box twice, while trying to get a good weapon. This gun won't last you too long, and if you're playing solo past round 15, I would definitely recommend switching it out.

Trench Gun (Shotgun)
  • Cost: 1500
  • Ammo: 750
  • Starting Ammo: 6/60

The Trench Gun is a shotgun that is far better than the Double-Barrelled Shotgun. It costs only 300 points more, yet has many more shots before needing to reload. However, it also has a slightly lower rate of fire than the Double-Barrelled, because it's a pump action shotgun. It mainly competes with the Thompson, but I would choose the Thompson over it as the Thompson will get you more points. This is because the Trench Gun is normally a one-hit-kill, stopping you from getting the 10 points that you would normally get for each shot that you put into the zombies.

Steilhandgrenade (Other)
  • Cost: 250 (4 Grenades)
  • Ammo: 250
  • Starting Ammo: 4

Buying this will replace all of your grenades. Note that the maximum amount of grenades that you can hold is 4, and that 2 will automatically be replaced at the beginning of each round.

Sawed Off Double-Barrelled Shotgun (Shotgun)
  • Cost: 1200
  • Ammo: 600
  • Starting Ammo: 2/60

This gun is just like the normal Double-Barrelled Shotgun, except with slightly shorter range. See the description for the Double-Barrelled Shotgun, as it applies to this gun as well.

Mystery Box Exclusives

The Mystery Box can be found in the HELP Room, and costs 950 points to activate and open.

Ray Gun (Pistol)

The Ray GUn is a futuristic gun, that shoots green "laser" ammunition, or something like that. By far, the Ray Gun is the best gun in the game. Unfortunately, its power has really been dropped since its presence in the console version, and it's FAR less powerful. For example, at Round 20, you need to shoot 4 shots to kill a zombie, while on a console, you would only need to shoot two. This is somewhat disappointing, but the gun is still powerful. In the high levels, (past Round 20), the Ray Gun is basically required, so keep trying at the Mystery Box until you get it. If you ever run out of ammo with it, do NOT trade it in. When you next get a Max Ammo, you will again benefit greatly from it.

When using it, note that the Ray Gun has some splash damage, so if you use it at point-blank range, you'll end up hurting yourself. I've killed myself countless times with this weapon, because if you shoot a zombie right in front of you, and it doesn't die, it'll attack you. That attack, combined with the damage from the Ray Gun's splash will get you a Game Over, if playing solo, and it'll put you down if you're playing in multiplayer. However, this splash damage can also be useful, because if you shoot at clumps of zombies, the whole group will take damage rather than just the one that you're shooting at. This splash damage also means that you don't need to hit the zombie directly, and you can instead shoot a wall right next to it for it to take damage.

And lastly, another great part about the Ray Gun is that it's classified as a Pistol. This means that if you go down, instead of pulling out your Colt M1911, you'll pull out your Ray Gun and will be able to kill zombies with it while downed. Even if you're out of ammo, you'll still have some ammo replaced (not full ammo) to kill zombies with, but once you're revived, you will again lose all ammo automatically.

M1919 Browning (Machine Gun)

This machine gun is nearly identical to the MG42 machine gun, except for a few factors. First of all, it has a slightly longer reload time than the MG42, as well as a slower rate of fire. However, it's iron sights are better than the MG42's, and it is also extremely powerful. Therefore, if you see it in the Mystery Box, definitely pick it up. You should also always have an escape route planned while using it, or a backup weapon, because in the higher rounds when many zombies come, it'll be hard to find the time needed to reload the weapon.

MG42 (Machine Gun)

This machine gun is much like the M1919 Browning, except for it's slightly shorter reload time, and slightly higher rate of fire. It has the same "clip" size, and can hold just as much ammo in reserve. Overall, it's a good gun, and it and the Browning are probably the best weapons in the game, other than the Ray Gun.

Gewehr 43 (Rifle)

The Gewehr 43 is just a worse version of the M1 Carbine. Other than the fact that it's clip is 1/3rd smaller, the gun seems quite similar to the M1 Carbine, so if this popped up in the Mystery Box, I would recommend just leaving it there.

MP40 (SMG)

The MP40 is a relatively good SMG, and is slightly better than the Thompson, except for the fact that you can't buy ammo for it. The only way to get ammo is through a Max Ammo pickup, but if you completely run out of ammo with this gun, I would just recommend swapping it out. It's good, but not amazing. In the beginning rounds it's great for getting points, but in the later rounds when the game is "serious business," the gun won't work out too well for ya'.

STG-44 (Rifle)

Again, like the MP40 or Thompson, the STG-44 is good for the beginning rounds to get points, but sorta sucks in the later, harder rounds. It's an automatic rifle, but it's quite weak. It benefits from quick reload times, and a large (for a rifle) clip of 30 bullets.

M1 Garand (Rifle)

The M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle is much like the Gewehr 43. However, it has a slightly smaller clip (8 bullets instead of 10). It's not that great of a gun, and I'd much rather have the M1 Carbine that's located in the Starting Room.

.357 Magnum (Pistol)

This is also a surprisingly powerful gun against zombies, but it has lengthy reload times and an extremely short clip that you can go through in just seconds. In the beginning rounds, it's a one-hit-kill, just like the Trench Gun, but as the rounds get higher, it takes more shots, making this gun useless. For example, when zombies need three shots to die, you'll only be able to kill 2 zombies (with its 6 shots) before you need to reload again, (assuimg that you don't miss any of the shots.) Other than that, it's okay. Like the Trench Gun, it won't get you many points because it's a one-hit-kill, but if you have enough points, you can go ahead and safely try this out.

Also, because this gun is classified as a pistol, if you go down with it in your inventory, you'll pull it out instead of the normal Colt M1911 pistol.

If I've missed any guns, or have added one in that isn't actually in the game, please let me know. This "Mystery Box Exclusives" section has been done with the memory of what I've gotten, and it's possible that some guns listed might only be in the console versions. For example, I'm a bit "iffy" about the Gewehr.


Excluding the very first Nazi Zombie map, Nacht der Untoten, all of the maps have a new feature known as perks. In total, there are four perks to help assist you in killing those zombies, and this section of the guide will help explain them to you. These four perks were all based off of the multiplayer perks found in the console versions of Call of Duty: World at War. In Nazi Zombies, perks are sold as "sodas" or "drinks" and can be obtained by approaching colourful vending machines located throughout a map.

NOTE: You will lose all perks that you have if you get "downed" (needing to be revived) by a zombie, and you'll need to buy them all over again.

Double Tap

If you've played CoD:WaW (console) multiplayer, you'll likely know what this perk does. It speeds up your firing rate so you can take out more zombies faster. The problem with this is that it will make you need to reload more often as well. This perk is good for slow-firing guns such as the STG, but is somewhat useless for other guns that already fire fast. This perk is best used with Speed Cola, to speed up the frequent reloading process.

  • Cost: 2000 points
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Verruckt Location: Second Floor

This perk is the same as the multiplayer perk "Juggernaut." Basically, it gives you increased health, and lets you survive more zombies coming up to you and attacking you. Even if you have this perk equipped, you're guaranteed to die eventually, but this perk will give you extra health so that you don't die as soon. In my opinion, this is the most useful perk, and is my favourite because it lets you get out of so many narrow places without dying. I normally make this perk a priority over the other perks, because if you have this, you have less of a chance of dying randomly from a zombie behind you, and loosing all of your other perks.

  • Cost: 2500 points
  • Colour: Red
  • Verruckt Location: First Floor
Revive Soda

Revive Soda is not based off of any other perk in multiplayer modes. Nazi Zombies is the only place where you can find it. Revive Soda is the cheapest perk that you can buy, and is somewhat helpful. If a teammate of yours goes down because of zombies, you can revive them much quicker then you could if you didn't have quick revive. It speeds up the process, reducing the amount of time that zombies have to break through windows and kill you as well. This can be especially helpful in later levels, when zombies are much faster and deadlier. Unfortunately, if you die, and another teammate who doesn't have Revive Soda needs to revive you, it'll go at a regular, slow speed.

  • Cost: 1500 points
  • Colour: Blue
  • Verruckt Location: First Floor
Speed Cola

This perk does the same thing as the multiplayer perk "Sleight of Hand," and is very, very useful. Basically, it speeds up the reload process by a large amount. You spend less time reloading, and more time firing. In later levels when zombies come frequently, this is almost needed. It's also extremely helpful for shotguns, (for example, the Double-Barrelled Shotgun), which take long amounts of time to reload. The only problem with this perk is that it's pricey, and if you go down, you lose it.

  • Cost: 3000 points
  • Colour: Green
  • Verruckt Location: Second Floor


There are three ways to connect, for multiplayer modes. They are Bluetooth, Online (Wi-Fi), and Local (Wi-Fi). In this section, I'll be explaining what each connection option is, and how to get started. If you're having probems connecting to Wi-Fi, or something doesn't seemt to be working correctly, I probably will not know the answer, though you can still try and email me if you'd like. I'm not really that great with "tech-support" stuff, so I probably won't be able to help. Sorry about that. However, there are communities where you'll be able to ask other people. Try either the GameFAQs forums for the game (first link), or the Call of Duty forums (second link):

  1. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/gentopic.php?board=979801
  2. http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewforum.php?f=68&sid=81b28718022076d641b7c5244db59367

Note that you'll need an account to create posts or topics on both websites.


Bluetooth multiplayer allows two players at the most to connect and play. Note that First Generation iPod Touch and iPhone devices do not support Bluetooth, and therefore, Bluetooth multiplayer will not work with them. If you don't have a fist generation device, be sure that you have an updated version of firmware that allows Bluetooth. If I recall correctly, only users running iPhone OS 3.0 or higher can use Bluetooth. And lastly, be sure that Bluetooth is turned on, for both the host's device, and the second player's device. To turn Bluetooth one, enter Settings, tap General, tap Bluetooth, and turn it on.

Online (Wi-Fi)

Online matches can be played with 2 to 4 players, and they can be from all over the world. You can join either public matches, or private matches. To join a public match, tap "Quick Game". To host a private match, tap "Host Private". To join a private match, tap "Join Private", and then type in the exact username of the host that you're trying to join. Note that the username that you're typing in is case sensitive, and must be exact, or you will not enter the lobby with the host. Also note that to play online you'll need to have created an account, as well as be connected to wireless internet through a Wi-Fi connection. The game will walk you through the quick and easy steps of creating an online account, but to connect to a wireless access point, go to your device's settings, tap Wi-Fi, turn it on, and then tap the access point that you're trying to connect to.

Local (Wi-Fi)

Local matches can be played with 2 to 4 players who must all be relatively near to each other. They need to all connect to the same router to play. It's basically like Online play, but only for people in the same house or room. You don't need an account to play Local (Wi-Fi), but you do need a wireless access point.


Call of Duty World at War: Zombies incorporates the use of Achievements to add replay value, so that you have something to shoot for. At the time of release, there were two sets of achievements. Overall Achievements, and Nacht der Untoten Achievements. As you can probably tell from the titles, Overall Achievements can be obtained by playing in any map, (currently there is only Nacht der Untoten available.) On the other hand, Nacht der Untoten achievements are exclusive to the map, and cannot be achieved by playing any other map. Note that you need to be playing on Regular difficulty, or else the achievements will not unlock.

Overall Achievements

Complete the following criteria to unlock the achivements and their score. Most of these achievements can be obtained by playing in any map, but some will require maps other than Nacht der Untoten. In total, there are 59 achievements. Originally, there were only 33, but 9 were added with the release of the Verruckt map, 10 were added with the release of Shi No Numa, and 7 were added with the release of Der Riese.

My Flamin' HeartGet the Flamethrower100
Smells like ChickenRoast 4 Zombies simultaneously500
I, PyromaniacDish out 50,000 points of flamethrower damage1000
Dramatic ExitCommit suicide with a grenade and take out 3 Zombies with you100
The Skull CollectorCollect 10 Insta-kills100
SeveranceExplode 2 Zombie heads simultaneously2000
Fresh From the OvenKill 3 zombies with a grenade that has been cooked for at least 3 seconds, without dying1000
ChastityAccumulate 2000 points from repairing barricades1000
Togerher, my brother!Join a friend in a Co-Op session100
Witching HourPlay the game during the "Witching Hour"100
Munitions Expert IFire 1000 rounds of ammunition (overall)500
Munitions Expert IIFire 4000 rounds of ammunition (overall)1000
Munitions Expert IIIFire 10,000 rounds of ammunition (overall)2000
The Grinder IGib 50 enemies500
The Grinder IIGib 200 enemies1000
The Grinder IIIGib 400 enemies2000
Poppin' Heads IPop 25 Zombie heads500
Poppin' Heads IIPop 100 Zombie heads1000
Poppin' Heads IIIPop 250 Zombie heads5000
Armless...Remove both arms from 25 Zombies2000
...LeglessRemove the legs from 35 Zombies2000
Eagle EyeKill a Zombie from 50 ft away2000
Running ManCover the distance of 10 miles1000
Nuclear LollercaustCollect 10 nuke pickups1000
Double DownDollect 10 double-points pickups1000
High five, bro!Knife your Co-Op partner in the face100
Take My HandRevive a downed Co-Op partner100
The Good SamaritanRevive downed allies 10 times1000
Laid Back ExecutionerKill 5 Zombies when downed in Co-Op mode2000
I Like These OddsUse the mystery box 20 times1000
Space Man!Recieve the Ray Gun from the mystery box100
Laser FaceKill 100 zombies with the Ray Gun3000
Eternal InvestmentsSpend 50, 000 points (overall)5000
HyperactiveHave drank 10 Revive Sodas250
Tickets to the Gun ShowHave drank 10 Juggernogs250
When Can I Tap ThatHave drank 10 Double Tap Root Beers250
Palm Me OffHave drank 10 Speed Colas250
Miracle HandsRevive a Co-Op partner using Revive Soda100
This is for you, Betty!Kill 2 zombies at once with a single Bouncing Betty500
Feel My BladeKill 15 zombies in a row with only a knife without dying500
I Think I Need HelpKill 30 zombies in a row with only a knife without dying1000
The Coldest SteelKill 100 zombies overall with the knife250
oneShotRodKill 4 zombies with one shotgun shot1000
Face MelterElectrocute 8 zombies with one Wunderwaffe shot1000
Weapon of Minor DamageKill only one zombie with a Nuke250
Big BallerEarn 20,000 points in a single game1000
Big BrawlerKill 30 zombies in a row with only a magnum1000
On yer 'EdKill a zombie with a grenade that you bounced off a teammate100
Hong Kong AkimboHave both pistols at once100
Play dead boy!Kill 50 hellhounds250
Hung, Drawn...Shoot off a zombies arms and then blow their legs off500
...and QuarteredShoot off a zombies arms, blow their legs off and then shoot their head off1000
40 KnivesKill 40 zombies using the Bowie knife (in one game)250
The Might of the MonkeyUse the Monkey Bomb100
Perkaholics AnonymousSurvive until Round 20 without buying a single perk500
Aquire Waffle WeaponsObtain the Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe DG-2 and the Monkey Bomb at the same time1000
It's Tool TimeUsed the carpenter's hammer five times (accumulatively)100
Simian JusticeKilled 20 zombies or dogs using Monkey Bombs100
WunderkindCompleted all easter eggs, used all wunder weapons (in game)1000

Almost all of these achievements can be obtained just by playing the game a lot. For example, the Munitions Expert achievements and the Chastity achievement. Almost all achievements have criteria that is quite basic and easy to follow. The most unclear achievement is the Witching Hour achievement, which can be obtained by playing the game at midnight.

Nacht der Untoten Achievements

Complete the following criteria to unlock the achievements and their score. These achievements can only be obtained in the Nacht der Untoten map. In total, there are 13 achievements

Radio Silence?Hit the radio in Nacht der Untoten100
HoarderGet to and complete round 5 using only 120 rounds of ammunition300
Pistols at DawnComplete first 2 rounds using only the pistol and knife300
Du bist WunderschonComplete the tutorial without Richtofen shooting any Zombies for you100
Schnell, Schnell!Complete Wave 1 in under 60 seconds100
No Barriers, No FearReach Wave 6 without repairing barriers250
Blow Me AwayKill 20 Zombies with exploding barrels500
Stay off my Lawn!Survive 2 waves without letting a single Zombie into the building in Nacht der Untoten1000
Hard-assTake no damage for 5 rounds1000
This is my Boomstick!Survive 5 waves using shotguns1000
OK, I think I can do this...Reach Wave 51000
I can make it!Reach Wave 123000
Awesome BadasseryReach Wave 205000

A lot of these achievements are much easier to get when you're playing online, because you'll have additional support to reach higher rounds and get that Awsome Badassery achievement. You'll also be able to conserve ammo, and the rounds will be finished quicker, allowing you to get achievements such as Hoarder, Pistols at Dawn, Schnell, Schnell!, Stay off my Lawn!, and Hard-ass.

To get the Radio Silence? achievement, you'll need to activate the radio. It's located on a table, next to the mystery box. Shoot it with any gun to activate it, or you can activate it with your knife (to save ammo).

Zombie Verruckt Achievements

Complete the following criteria to unlock the achievements and their score. These achievements can only be obtained in the Verruckt map. In total, there are 10 achievements.

Open Wide...Activate the dentists chair100
Electro-Shock TherapyHave killed 50 zombies with Electro-Shock Barriers500
You Got the Powah!Activate the generator100
I'm Buzzing BabyHave all perk-a colas at once1000
Das Ist Mein HausOpened up all the asylum areas500
Pass Me A StraightjacketReach Wave 5 in Verruckt1000
Lock Me Up...Reach Wave 12 in Verruckt3000
Throw Away The KeyReach Wave 20 in Verruckt5000
And Stay Down!Kill a zombie as it emerges from the ground250
My Kind Of PsychiatrySurvive 5 waves using only the flamethrower in Verruckt1000

Shi No Numa Achievements

Complete the following criteria to unlock the achievements and their score. These achievements can only be obtained in the Shi No Numa map. In total, there are 11 achievements.

Dead AirActivate the phone100
It's a Trap!Kill at least 1 zombie with the flogger and an electro-barrier250
Fertilizer ManKill 200 zombies in the Shi No Numa map500
DeadheadKill 150 zombies by headshots in Shi No Numa500
Ew, my shoes are ruined!Opened up all the Shi No Numa areas500
WaterloggedReach Wave 5 in Shi No Numa1000
Bogged DownReach Wave 12 in Shi No Numa3000
Totally SwampedReach Wave 20 in Shi No Numa5000
And Stay Drown!Kill a zombie as they burst out of a swamp250
Soul SurvivorReach wave 15 in Shi No Numa without going into Last Stand (Multiplayer)500
FlagellaterKill 10 zombies in one bout of the Flogger100

Der Riese Achievements

Complete the following criteria to unlock the achievements and their score. These achievements can only be obtained in the Der Riese map. In total, there are 13 achievements.

Elevate Your SensesActivate the Fly Trap500
LocksmithOpen all the doors in the Der Riese (in one game)250
Der ElectricianLink all of the teleport pads before Round 7500
Frequent FlyerUse the teleporter 8 times (in one game)1000
Pack AddictUpgrade 5 weapons at the Pack-a-Punch machine (in one game)5000
The Poetry of SteakKilled 10 zombies with the teleporter250
Mein ShinyUpgraded a weapon250
The Touch of GottHave 2 pack-a-punched weapons at once1000
Standing TallReach Wave 10 in Der Riese500
Against GoliathReach Wave 20 in Der Riese1000
On the Shoulder of GiantsReach Wave 30 in Der Riese3000
Wurst CaseKill 40 zombies using the Bowie knife (in one game)500
And Stay ...Up?Kill a zombie climbing a ledge100


If I've made any mistakes in this guide, please e-mail me at steve.gamefaqs(at)gmail.com. You will be credited. Any feedback is also appreciated. Thanks.

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