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“It’s everything I would expect an Indiana Jones puzzle game to be for the iPhone”“Engrossing to the point of hour-long game sessions. Good variety of objectives and it’s Indiana Jones. Anything less than fantastic might create a horde of angry whip wielders.”Gamers Daily News – 9,5/10 Gold Award (http://www.gamersdailynews.com/article-2311-Indiana-Jones-and-the-Lost-Puzzles-Review-iPhone.html)“It's easy to grasp, incredibly entertaining and visually stimulating.”“Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles is a cool and affordable brainteaser that'll keep you busy for hours.”Modojo – 4/5 (http://www.modojo.com/reviews/iphone/indiana_jones_and_the_lost_puzzles/20100122/985/)“if you are an Indiana Jones fan, … download yourself this quality puzzle game.”“Indy turns this ordinary puzzle game into something a bit more special.”Slide to Play – 3/4 Good (http://www.slidetoplay.com/story/indiana-jones-and-the-lost-puzzles-review)----------------------Follow Indiana Jones to ancient ruins to solve puzzles and uncover forgotten treasures!Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles is a game that is easy to pick up, a breeze to control, and fun to play. Connect tiles of the same color to create long puzzle chains. Avoid snakes, collect power-ups, and master the challenges to make your way through the ruins and maximize the treasure.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iGa6z41sWg• Indiana Jones in his first ever puzzle adventure!• Match colors to create long chains.• Avoid snakes and collect power-ups, such as Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant.• Three different game modes, from simple puzzle levels to exploring ancient ruins.• Stunning animations and visual detail, and Indy-themed soundtrack bring the world-famous archeologist to life.Like all good puzzle games, Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles is simple yed addictive but offers endless replayability and a lot of variety.

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