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Rescue Razzle is a highly addictive puzzle game that will frazzle your brain as you attempt to solve all 40 challenging levels and 20 tough bonus levels, each more and more difficult than the last! An ideal game for a quick fix, but it's so addicting we know you’ll play for hours!

Razzle, a little cute rat, is trapped in a cage, which is high up on a stack of crates. Too high up for anyone to attempt a rescue, he’s counting on you to save the day. Help Razzle by safely lowering him closer to the ground, one crate at a time! But, watch out for dangerous rat traps or standing water…if Razzle hits the ground, it's all over!

You simply tap a wooden crate to break it and watch as Razzle and the other crates toss, turn, bump and fall into their new spot. Lower Razzle all the way down until his cage is sitting safely just above the mouse traps or water!

Rescue Razzle might seem simple at the first glance, but you will find yourself strategizing and twisting your brain like never before to ensure you have touched that one crate at exactly the right time to make all the others fall into perfect place to save Razzle.

Prepare for hours of puzzling, thought dazzling challenges, - all to rescue a raving, ranting and rambunctious rat named Razzle.

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- NEWS -
Run Razzle Run is released! If you like Rescue Razzle, try our next game featuring Razzle the rambunctious rat!

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