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Yes comrades, you can now get the full game of GUTS for free! No strings - or pigs - attached. Enjoy (or be punished).


Comrades, prepare to embark on the most horrific, terrifying and down-right sickening adventure of your life!

Yes, after months of sweaty sweat and punishing punishment, Slabovia – the World’s Happiest Dictatorship – is now ready to unleash its GUTS: a modern day retro classic.

Be shrunken down to microscopic proportions and enter Slabovia’s fearsome dictator on a death-defying mission to fix up his aging body, destroy all manner of vile beastie and rewire the old man’s brain. Oh, and try escape with your life!

For more information on GUTS and Slabovia visit www.slabovia.tv


“By far the best game we’ve ever been forced to play,” - The Potato, Slabovia’s best-selling and only newspaper.

“More engaging than Grime & Punishment and much less boring than War and Pigs,” - State Approved Literary Review.

“Buy it. Enjoy it. Or Be Punished!” - General Schmerdiaokv, Slabovian dictator.


•Cutting edge retro action, with 8-bit inspired technology
•The first and only iPhone game to be set inside a dictator
•Facebook Connect technology
•An ear-bleeding soundtrack by Si Begg VS Slaboiva 8-Bit Orchestra
•11 terrifying levels that will put you off your tea
•More than 20 horrific beasties who don’t like you too much
•A once in a lifetime chance to see inside The General
•Free citizenship of Slabovia – The World’s Happiest Dictatorship

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Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/taggames

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