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Remember when we were kids, we played blowing balloons, we did not burst it often, do you want to? We bring the fun time back to you.
Take one minute to have fun with blowing balloon and make it burst.

This game is very simple, you help super bunny to blow the balloon, when it is big enough, the balloon will burst.
Hold iPhone and blow to the Microphone where you can see the arrow’s position and the balloon will be filled in, keep blowing to get the balloon to the biggest to get it burst.

You can end blowing if you do not want to keep, and balloon will leak to the smallest.

-Help bunny to blow the balloon
-True feeling of blow effect
-Surprise sound effect with blow, leak, and burst
-When the balloon burst, iPhone also vibrate
-Burst balloon pieces will be sticked on iPhone screen
-Play time is unlimited

Now take the fun time back and blow it.

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