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THIS is the most intense pinball game on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Now enhanced for iPhone 5!Pinball Ride is a FAST pinball game with precise controls and a realistic pinball feel.The game offers a long list of challenges using targets, bumpers and ramps. And also the classic "extra ball" and "multiball".It also comes with tons of achievements to keep you busy for hours.Compete with your Game Center friends for the highest score!Play our exclusive Burst Mode specifically designed for your daily 5 minute break.Features: * Pinball simulation with a realistic feel * Fast 3D graphics and amazing sound effects * Unique table with original universe and storyline * Illustrated progression and original soundtrack * Various challenges and modes including multiball * Story Mode plus a new innovative Burst Mode * 24 Unlockable Achievements * Online competition with Game Center friends * Publishable progress on Facebook throughout the gameFollow us on Twitter: @massivefingerDiscuss on our Blog: http://massivefinger.com

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#211 highest rated IOS action game (#849 on IOS, #9145 overall)


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#194 easiest IOS action game (#1181 on IOS, #19611 overall)


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