How do I get past Arctopia 5.10?

  1. I have been stuck on Arctopia 5.10 for about a week. Please help! I need to reclaim my life!

    User Info: constance235

    constance235 - 11 years ago


  1. Let's see, level 5-10 is "Safety First."

    One solution, in 76 moves, is:


    where < means "push the left button," > means "push the right button", the minus sign is "remove ice" and the plus sign is "create ice."

    Additionally, there is now a list of *all* the level solutions on the Arctopia main developer site.

    Those could probably be also mirrored to Gamefaqs, but they haven't been yet.

    User Info: decaf_latte

    decaf_latte (FAQ Author) - 10 years ago 0   0

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