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Arctopia is a classic turn-based puzzle game with 147 levels across 14 chapters of increasing difficulty.You can find screenshots, solutions, a lite version, and a detailed description of the game on the Arctopia web site at http://arctopia.robotocracy.com/ .In each level of Arctopia, your goal is to strategically use blocks of ice to extinguish all of the sinister eyebrowed flames that menace the level. Unfortunately, this is rarely straightforward, as fires may be inconveniently placed, blocked by burning oil barrels, or defended by blockades of ice.You can create and destroy ice, but only below your current position, so thinking ahead is mandatory. . . and there are many traps for the unwary!(Note that if you find early levels too easy (or you find a particular level too frustrating!), you can always skip to a different level and come back later.)The number of moves taken for your best solution is saved for each level, so you can strive for maximum efficiency if you so desire.The intro levels are (skippable) tutorial stages, so don't worry about learning the basics of the game.Good luck!Summary:- Retina-display graphics for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.- Arctopia is a turn-based strategic puzzle game- 147 levels, across 14 chapters.- No time limits or requirements for fast reflexes.- Skippable tutorial section to introduce the game mechanics.- High scores and progress are saved automatically after every level.- Ability to email your best solutions to yourself and compare them to World Record high scores.- Levels can be completed in any order.

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