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It's sports day in the Underworld and various
exciting sporting events are taking place around
the grounds of Scare School. Join Casper and his
friends in a variety of challenging and fun games
and see whoís going to be the sporting champion!

Experience hours of fun and absorbing gameplay
in this superb adaptation of the Cartoon Network
film Casper's Scare School.

Compete in a series of sporting events to help
Casper win Gold and stay ahead of the game!

Use the iPhone's Accelerometer to control the gameplay!

Help Casper and his friends to keep the ball off
the ground in Creepy Uppies and use the Touchscreen
to control the ball when it's up in the air.

Test your speed in Dragon Egg and Spoon Race
game and see how fast you can run carrying an
enormous Dragon's egg on a tiny spoon! Use the
Accelerometer to balance the egg.

Show off your running prowess in People Chase!
Jump in front of the 'fleshes' to scare them, but
be careful to avoid monstrous obstacles on the
race track!

Use the Accelerometer and Touchscreen to perform
scary tricks, such as Skull Tumble or Death Roll
in the exciting game of Gymnasties!

Beat your competitors and unlock the ability to
play as your defeated opponents and collect all
the Underworld characters, including Casper,
Manthra, Ra, Jimmy and Thatch!

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