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5 out of 5 score on Appvee.com!

If you're looking to get your swing on with humor, style, and old-school charm, Hook Champ is the way to go.
- Slidetoplay.com Review

Hook Champ does a delightful job of being fast and fun, with upgrades, unlockables, and heaps of challenge.
- 1up.com Review

Look, swinging is just good, clean fun. You like fun, right? Then buy Hook Champ.
- Nodpad.com Review

Hook Champ is an absolutely fantastic game that all fans of retro styled sidescrollers should own.
The thread on our forums are filled with enthusiastic and overwhelmingly positive impressions of the game.
- Toucharcade.com Review


Hook Champ is a physics platformer about using a grappling hook to swing through haunted ruins at high speeds. Easy to pick up and play, challenging to master the final levels. Designed for immense replay value, with a retro style and the most hat fashion customization of any game on the market.

We are now also the first game on the iPhone with OpenFeint-compatible Ghost Races! Challenge any of your OpenFeint friends and they'll be able to race directly against you. You can also race against a ghost copy of your own local best score, for every single level!

Check out our homepage at http://www.rocketcat-games.com/hook/ for the youtube trailer and a link to the Lite version! Once you're hooked by the gameplay, get the full version for more levels and items and access to our upcoming completely free content packs!


- Easy to learn, with a seamless tutorial: Swing, walk, and leap your way to victory!

- Local, Global, and OpenFeint High Score boards for every single level! Beat developer scores for surprises!

- Total OpenFeint Support: Achievements! Ghost Race Challenges! Leaderboards, including Most Coins Board!

- Character Upgrades and Collectibles: Spend your loot on character upgrades and fancy hats!

- Pick up and Play: After closing the app for any reason, resume your game exactly where you left off.

- Supports playing your own music! Play music from your own library, or use ours.

- Varied Levels: Each level has its own special gameplay challenges.

- Unlocks: Get new Challenge Levels, new characters, and more for progressing in the game!

- Fast load times: Detailed "Pixel graphics" technology allows the average load time to be about a second!


Thanks to your support, we were able to do an insanely big update to the game! Keep getting the word out and giving us your ratings/feedback. It helps us continue to make games with hat customization!


Get ready for the SECOND update, which we've already been working on! More details on our blog and in this space, later!


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