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*** Featured by Apple in 'New & Noteworthy' ***Limited time sale this week! Get Bubble Town 2 for just 0,99$ and start popping now! More than 5 million people can't be wrong! Based on the cult classic game on Facebook, here comes the incredible sequel to Bubble Town, including all-new features tailored for your iPhone or iPod Touch! Aim, lob and shoot cute and colorful borbs into the air to pop 3 or more of the same type. Bubble Town 2 is most addictive bubble-shooting game on the App Store! *************************KEY FEATURES:- 45 LEVELS TO MASTER IN 3 FUN ENVIRONMENTS!Join Frank, Crabby and Fuzzball on a fun journey to save Bubble Town from the invading Lump army! This whole new adventure takes you underwater and all the way to outer space! 45 addictive levels to keep you entertained for hours! - CRAZY BOSS BATTLES!Defeat 5 bosses throughout your epic adventure. Challenge Cyber Lump, Sandy Lumpress and the mighty Lump General in frantic battles! - BRAND NEW LOB SHOT!An all-new addition to the already fun and addicting gameplay. You can now target the back rows of borbs by using this special Lob Shot. Line up your shot then flick your wrist up lightly to launch the borb into the air! - 3 ORIGINAL GAME MODES! Everyone already knows the Classic mode, now discover the "BALL MODE" (the ball-shaped clump will be surrounded by the danger-zone, use your tactics and prevent the shrinking danger-zone from overlapping the clump) and the ALL-NEW "INVASION MODE" (defeat the invading Lump armies by making matches in key points and detaching large branches of borbs from the clumps).- CONNECT WITH YOUR FRIENDSShow off your bubblelicious skills to your friends by using the Facebook Connect option. - IMPROVED ACCELEROMETER CONTROLS Use the entire screen area to move the cannon. Simply touch and drag to aim in the desired direction. Easier than ever! To switch borbs in your cannon, shake your iPhone left to right and a new borb will be loaded!************************Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/iplaygamingBecome a fan on Facebook: facebook.com/iplaygamingWatch our videos on YouTube: youtube.com/user/IplayMobileGaming

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