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How to be the King of the ocean?
EAT! EAT! And, EAT more!

The most exciting action game even happened 1,000 meter deep in the ocean.

Swim through the beautiful scenes. Challenge all kinds of other fishes, eat or be eaten. Eat hard and fast to become the toughest King Fish. Collect power-ups, bonus items and all other mysterious to gain more power.

- Fun and easy accelerometer control.
- Awesome deep sea visual effects.
- Friendly user guide and hints.
- 17 kind of beautiful sea fishes.
- 20 exciting missions.
- 5 beautiful ocean scenes.
- Global online ranking: become the King of king fishes.

Lite version is also available, try before you buy.

Full version contain more playable content like missions, enemies, power-ups and secrets.

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