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ACCOLADES:• Featured in toucharcade's best ipod touch and iphone games 2009 buyers guide.• Featured in gizmodo's top 40 best branded iphone music apps of 2009.• Featured in appadvice.com's 2009 best iphone untraditional platformers.• Featured in US app store under "HOT NEW GAMES" and made the top 50 paid apps.• Featured in Japan's app store under "NEW AND NOTEWORTHY" and "WHAT'S HOT"WHAT THE PRESS ARE SAYING: "...the result is a kind of psycho-religious version of Frogger..." - New York Times"...Hi, How Are You has taken on a whole new layer of awesome..." - TouchArcade"It’s totally ridiculous and very very cool." - purepoponline.com"...HHAY is overflowing with Johnston’s influence and unlike any other platformer at the App Store" - iPhone Game of the day - BlogFaction"...pure Johnston..." - PocketGamer"...as loving a tribute to an artist as I've seen from a game..." - Offworld.com“The play control is smooth and easy to pick up, the graphics are beautiful and cartoony, and the soundtrack is amazing” - cultofmac.com“…Hi, How Are You sets a new iPhone benchmark aesthetically.” - PocketGamerUK“…(an) other-worldly masterpiece…” - ThumbSpree.com"Daniel Johnston's iPhone Game Is Predictably Bizarre, Bizarrely Fun" - Gizmodo.com“…Forget Guitar Hero…” - The GuardianSTORY:The story begins with Satan turning the innocent Jeremiah into a frog and stealing the object of his affection. Jeremiah must progress through 40 devilish levels to reverse the curse that Satan has bestowed upon him and win back his true love. FEATURES:* Never before seen on iPhone: Fully toon shaded environments and characters that bring Daniel’s marker art style to life.* 40 challenging levels that gradually increase in difficulty, catering to players of all skill levels, from novice to expert gamer.* Play as one of four different characters as you progress through the game. Complete the whole game to unlock all characters for any level.* Control your character using intuitive tilt controls or the virtual on screen joystick controls.* Have the camera automatically update or use on screen buttons.* Lots of physics obstacles, puzzles, and enemies to outrun, outsmart and outmaneuver.* 27 achievements to collect. Each one unlocks a unique piece of Daniel's artwork for you to view.* Sound track comprised of some of Daniel’s best songs and poignant lyrics.* Race the clock or go for the bonus blocks to earn your bronze, silver, or gold trophies.* Online OpenFeint integration for level leaderboards and achievements.* Browse Daniel Johnston extras screen.* Game resumes exactly where you left off after a phone call interruption.* Optimized for all generation iPhone/iPod-Touch devices. SUPPORT:* For additional information please visit www.hihowareyougame.com* For additional support please e-mail info@hihowareyougame.com* Lite version is also out now! Try before you buy!****************************************Thanks for your ratings and reviews.Your 5 star ratings and reviews are whatmake updates possible. Please rate ourgame so we can keep updates coming!****************************************

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