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GALACTIC BOWLING is an exhilarating sports arcade game with an intergalactic twist! The game features a full-story campaign that transports players to never before seen bowling lanes around Earth as well as a multitude of vividly-illustrated planets. With three distinctive play modes (solo, regular and battle), players will engage in fast-paced competition that includes eleven characters and environments, a unique universe filled with over-the-top humor and is complete with spectacular visual masterpieces that tell each character’s story with jaw-dropping in-game cinematics.

Arguably the best looking iPhone game on the market, GALACTIC BOWLING features stunning graphics, fluid-like gameplay and an intuitive control scheme that is easy enough for casual players but also has advanced features to expand on for more experienced gamers. GALACTIC BOWLING will leave everyone who touches it wanting more!

Game Features for all iPhone and iPod touch units:
• Intuitive touch and accelerometer controls
• Story cinematic movies
• Special Balls
• Super Moves
• 6 Whammies (opponent disruptors)
• 11 Human and Alien characters
• 11 Earth and Alien (world) lanes
• 3 unique game modes
• 2 game play styles
• 3 difficulty levels
• Stunning 3D graphics
• Beautiful textures and colors
• Exaggerated smooth character animation
• Spatial 3D sound
• Realistic (not faked) real-time pin and ball physics

Game Enhancements for iPhone 3GS:
• True color display with 16.7 billion colors
• True color textures
• Real-time shadows in all views (only in full screen for non 3gs)
• High Quality character animation
• Many more exclusive 3GS performance Enhancements

GALACTIC BOWLING requires OS 2.1 or higher to run. It is recommended to download the latest version of iTunes, as well as the latest software update for your iPhone or iPod touch before downloading GALACTIC BOWLING. For the most enjoyable experience, restart your unit before playing.

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