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FREE for a limited time!!!Top-down off-road arcade racing is finally here for your iPhone! Horror Racing is packed with explosive weapons, speedy upgradable cars, and powerful pick-up items. Drivers of any ability can use their driving skills and customized firepower to defeat the dastardly denizens of Horror Racing in an assortment of action-packed tracks!FEATURES:•Choose your character and car, with fiendishly fearsome drivers such as Little Monstrous and Eye offering different vehicle statistics and appearance.•Drive to win around action-packed tracks in a variety of ghoulish environments. •Battle your opponents with an arsenal of upgradable weaponry such as machine guns, rocket launchers and mines!•Multiple gameplay modes include the prestigious Championship Series and battle-focused Skirmish beat-downs.•Upgrade your car and weapons using money won in your previous races. Make sure you’re fast enough to speed past your opponents; then use devastating new weapons to attack them while your upgraded vehicle armor withstands their mighty attacks.•Pick up Special Power Runes to unlock stunning abilities during the race. Shoot flames out of your car to scorch your enemies, zap them with lightning projectiles and even unlock quadruple weapon damage!Horror Racing is developed by NEWFX Games and published by Chillingo Ltd

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