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C**k-A-Doodle Inc
US Minoraxis 327781751 Online 08/30/09 12+


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"If you like tycoon or management games then this is definitely worth a look in as it’s one of the most involved and well designed games in the genre that I’ve played on the iDevice.", iPod Touch Fans

"...Satisfies the casual, TM, and even the hardcore gamer as this game is by far the deepest TM with it's solid graphics and delightful concept and name to back it up.", skyye06, TouchArcade.com

Introducing Chicken Tycoon, a real time, intricate, frantic and humorous time management / tycoon game that will require some really great time-management and multi-tasking skills if you don't want to be runnin' round like a headless chicken!

The owners of a fried chicken empire are looking to YOU to turn around the fortunes of Chicken Tycoon:

? Jump between 4 different screens to maintain your control over the business: farm screen, grow-out house screen, the fried chicken store screen, and the headquarters complex screen;

? Build, upgrade and sell off your production facilities; hatcheries, feed plants, sterilization centers;

? Reclaim land to expand your operations;

? Deal with strikes and unreasonable construction staff;
Manage the supply of chicks until they're ready for "processing";

? Manage temperature, feed supply, and contamination. Chicken supply running low? Process them half grown, but get ready for customer complaints;

? Hire and fire staff, control their stress levels, train them, boost morale;

? Manage the supply of chicken coming in and the levels going out;

? Implement promotions depending on factors like weather;
Set up promotions, develop new technology to improve all your facilities;

? Budget marketing activities, allocate time for R&D, prepare training and morale building courses for the staff.

? Double your company's profits (or gamble them away!) at the casino.

? Fend off law suits from consumer and health groups!

? Can you trust all those around you? Deal with blackmail and industrial espionage!

? Bonus levels and modes unlocked on completion.

? Three playable speeds.

? Return to completed levels to try and best your best score.

? Detailed feedback screen and stats, plus advice from crazy characters, all nested in a great story!

All this in REAL TIME! Come and try your skills with Chicken Tycoon; your chicken empire needs YOU!

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