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The outstanding action stealth game has been updated!

"Art Thief .. can actually teach you something, while allowing you to break the law. ... Innovative concept and graphics ..."
- SlideToPlay.com

In silence and in darkness the master thief is at work!


** Features

** Stealth gameplay
** State of the art rendered graphics.
** Advanced light effects
** Smooth full screen scrolling.
** Atmospheric soundtrack.
** Multi floor playing areas.
** Classics from Vermeer, Picasso and more!

Art Thief is a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch about the legendary artwork thief John Robie. Robie travels from one city to the next on his quest to steal all the major artwork in the world.

Each level is a museum dedicated to a single major artist. Robie enters after closing and has to find the artist's five major masterpieces before the museum opens again. The problem is that not only is each museum crawling with security and alarms but he has to make sure he steals the correct paintings!

John Robie won't get far if he walks out with a Monet when he needed a Matisse!

More information on pocketguy.blogspot.com

- Swipe the screen to pan around John Robie. Use it to look for security systems.
- Press on John Robie to center the screen on him.
- If you see a Metal Detector then there is a guard nearby.
- Security guards and robots cannot see you if you are in an elevator, use that to plan your moves.
- When encountering robots grab the ceiling (if there is a handle) by pressing UP.
- Rooms with a Golden eblem are checkpoints. You will restart there.
- Read about the artist before attempting his level so that you can identify his works in the museum.
- The later levels are huge so try to map your progress.
- The Hard level is almost impossible. Send a screenshot of you completing the final museum on Hard level for a digital award!!

**Next Free Update:

The Tate Gallery in London. Joseph Mallord William Turner

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