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Air Boxer Plus
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Enjoy both the original "Air Boxer" and a brand new mode in this powered-up version.

Features of the Plus version:

1. Boxing measurement
- Try out 3 different boxing styles: Besides the jab, our new algorithm detects uppercuts and hooks.
- Combo Bonus:
Earn extra points depending on the way you sequence these styles.

2. Story mode
- A new mode featuring 3 exciting stages, to be enjoyed one after the other. Punch your way out of these stories, where you only stand 3 chances.

Standard Features:

- The original game ("Classic Mode") to measure your boxing power.
- Support for left or right-handed boxers.
- A hall of fame to keep track of your best punches.

General instructions:

1. Select your boxing arm
2. Firmly grip the iPhone according to the instructions
3. Box the air!
4. Check the impact of your punch
5. Prepare for the next round...

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