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Proud nominee for the "Best Casual Game" prize at the prestigious 'International Mobile Gaming Awards' contest!

How well do you kiss? Of course, you are a great kisser! No doubts! But can you actually prove it? Face the challenge to demonstrate your kissing skills in this marvelously addictive game that will test your tapping skills to the extreme. Kiss all the beauties sitting by the windows as you're falling down from the skyscrapers! With each successful kiss you gain a bit of 'heart power' and if you gain it enough to fill up the whole love-o-meter before reaching the ground, you will succeed!

Didn't get a perfect score? Retry levels to get the highest possible score with endless replay value! Are you ready to conquer women's hearts and become the one and only Frenzied Kisser?

Get through 60 different levels in the main Casanova Mode, unlock 5 unique locations, compete with up to 4 people in 'pass-n-play' Multiplayer Mode or play endlessly in the Survival Mode! Win medals, collect power-ups and earn points to get into the high-score table!

Enjoy a friendly tutorial, incredibly simple controls, awesome music, gorgeous graphics, engaging game-play and more! Kissing Frenzy lands on App Store to keep you glued to your iPhone for hours!

* 60 unique levels in the main Casanova Mode!
* Multiplayer Mode: play with up to 4 friends in pass-n-play style as you try to get the highest score possible!
* Survival Mode: play endlessly as you master your kissing skills till perfection!
* 5 different, unlockable locations: Sun City, Dusk Town, Moonville, Vinter Valley and Rainbow Hill
* Excellent replay value - replay levels to improve your score, to get new titles and to win new medals!
* More than 10 different interactive objects & power ups such as Love Potion, Immunity, Turbo or Jackpot!
* Leaderboard with different titles and in-game statistics!
* Facebook Connect: compete with your friends and share your achievements on Facebook!
* Compelling story full of humor and great looking art!
* Gorgeous love-themed music and rich sound effects!
* High Quality & Stunning Visual Effects

STILL NOT SURE? Try the FREE version available on App Store!

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iPhone OS 3.0 tested!

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