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Alien Crisis is a survival shooting game that brings you an unforgettable shooting experience with realistic graphics, fantastic actions and outstanding visual screenplays.

In the year 2025, scientists conducted the Large Hadron Collider experiments. But an accident occurred, creating an portal which connects to the Alien world. A large number of Alien armies invaded into the human world through the portal.

The Aliens are cold blooded, horrific and tough. They attacked the human city, destroyed the buildings and prey on humans as food. Although the humans constructed an all-out defense against the Alien threat, they still are defeated in the end. A large number of humans was massacred and humans now face the fate of extinction.

After the war with Aliens, the humans figured out that their enemies were controlled by one creature - The Brain. The Brain can see what all Aliens see and control what they are doing. The only way to eliminate Aliens is killing the Brain and close the portal.

The president of United States summon Russell who is the captain of special forces to eradicate the Aliens. He is a half-human and half machine, belonging to a special breed of human beings. He is strong and has a remarkable ability in military combat. His mission is to sneak in the base of Aliens and use the shells of hadron collision to close the portal.

He is our last hope of human kind...

Game Features

- Three game modes to play - Story, Survival and Co-Op
- Co-Op game mode allows peer to peer gaming experience on Wi-Fi
- Navigable Map with 12 stages to complete
- Different varieties of Aliens to kill
- Five types of weapons to use: Heavy Machine gun, Flamer, Missile Launcher, Energize Rifle and Light Saber
- Five types of Turrets to assist Russel:
Gun, Flame, Missile, Thunder and Repairing Turrets
- Options to upgrade Turrets and Weapon Abilities with the use of ability points
- Move and shoot by using iPhone/iPod's Touch and Slide controls
- Online World ranking
- In App access to iPod library to choose music while playing
- Nice Techno game music to add to the gaming atmosphere

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