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The only mobile crosswords application officially licensed by The New York Times.

NYTimes Crosswords now comes with access to a free week of the official daily puzzles from The New York Times and its archive of over 4,000 classic puzzles!

“The animations are utterly gorgeous. Before even setting a single letter on to the grid, it was clear that this is a different breed of iPhone game – it’s smart, paced and incredibly classy.”
- The Apple Blog

“iPhone-toting crossword addicts now have a new way to feed their addiction.”
- TouchArcade

After the initial free week of playing the included puzzle bundle, you can add 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year of daily puzzles and archive access, all safely and easily through your existing iTunes account! This means you can now try out the best mobile crossword game along with the official puzzles from The New York Times for a full week, and then add access to daily puzzles at your own pace.

With NYTimes Crosswords, you can play the same puzzles that are published daily in the print newspaper!
• Play the daily puzzle from The New York Times newspaper
• Play over 4,000 classic puzzles from The New York Times archive
• Send messages and compare your solve times with friends online
• Compete against top players via the online leaderboards
• Listen to the in-game soundtrack or your favorite tunes from your iPod
• Write in ‘pen’ or ‘pencil’
• Solve puzzles on the grid or directly from the clues list
• Automatic highlighting of related clues
• Check or reveal letters, words or the entire puzzle
• Check out the front page of today’s paper

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