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The most popular board game in the world is now available on your iPhone! Play this original classic board game -suitable for young and old - on your own or with friends and try to get your figures to strike home. By shaking your iPhone, you can shake the dice which lends a certain dynamism to the game. The atmosphere of a genuine board game is guaranteed!

Original board and figures from Schmidt games
Customised playing rules
Multiplayer fun for 1 - 4 players
Clever artificial intelligence in play against the computer
Real dice supported by the motion sensors of the iPhone

© 2006 Schmidt Spiele GmbH, Licence by KIDDINX Merchandising GmbH,
Winterhuder Weg 29, D-22085 Hamburg, Developed and Published by Twistbox Games Ltd. & Co. KG Twistbox Games is a trademark of Twistbox Entertainment, Inc.

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