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Hordes of undead shamble towards you. You have nowhere to run. You have no extra chances. You have no time to reload.

What you do have is a massive stockpile of loaded weapons.

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Reviewers are saying:

"Great artwork and sound, very artistic design that works well within the game." -- Touchgamer.nl

"I challenge you to play this game when you are alone at night... creepy atmosphere and super intuitive controls." -- Iphonefootprint.com

"It has the most unique art-house design aesthetic I've ever seen for a zombie game." -- AtomicGamer.com


- Simple, intuitive controls. (Tilt to Turn, Tap anywhere to Shoot, Tap Weapon Icon to Switch)
- Endless hordes of zombies in large numbers.
- Visceral, brain devouring action.
- Blatant, ridiculously overpowered shotgun with a no-nerf(tm) guarantee.
- Frequent content updates!

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