Somethin' dont smell right in El Paso. Gucho 'Leroy' Gambino and his gang are on the run. They are hiding out in a few abandoned toilets in Shadow Creek. You are Jake 'Six Gun' McCloud - you know where they are, and it is your job to flush them out!

Gambino's gang include the notorious Running Mouth, Slim Pickins Pete - infamous for the great stage coach robbery in Carolina, and last but not least, Widow Maker McClintock - who escaped a hangin' sentence by killing the county sheriff on his way to the noose.

The gang has captured some hostages, so be careful not to gun them down. Loads of loot are up for collection.

The rules of the game are simple:

- Collect as much loot as you can carry
- Shoot the bad guys before they draw their guns or arrows!
- Don't gun down people with white flags!
- Avoid shooting the civilians or else you will lose a life & loot!
- You are awarded a bonus round in your local saloon, shooting whisky bottles, if you make it thru any level shooting all the bad buys and avoid killing the civilians or bad guys with white flags - you also earn an extra live!
- Upload your high score to the Gringos High Scores table at

Have fun with Wild West Shoot Out!

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