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DON'T MISS OUR NEW GAMES:- Pinball HD Collection- Running Dino--------------------------------------"Going Tilt: Wild West Pinball offers a pretty faithful recreation of the pinball machine experience on your iPhone."-- Jeff Phillips, Macworld.com"The game is earning high praise from pinball fans who have been looking for a more authentic experience. Several users have commented on the accurate physics model and "real feel" of Wild West Pinball."-- Arnold Kim, TouchArcade.com"The physics and sounds of the game are specifically designed to make the game "feel right" and give pinball fans the closest feel to actually being on a machine."-- Erik Fikkert, AppVee.com"...it's a very good game indeed and probably the best digital pin table I've seen in a long time."-- Sir Digby, AllAboutTheGames.co.uk"Fantastic 3D pinball table and animations. Very crisp visuals, and a buttery smooth frame rate. It doesnt get any more realistic than this."-- Matt Dunn, iPhoneGamesNetwork.com"...there's no title screen, no front end interface or needless menu navigation. You tap, and you're instantly in. It's really clean, and as long as you aren't expecting some sort of epic experience in your pinball, it's perfect given the nature of mobile gaming."-- Mark Bozon, IGNABOUT THE GAMEWild West Pinball team - more than 3 000 000 players around the world!Welcome to Wild West Pinball - world first professional pinball simulator for the iPhone. With fast 3D graphics and realistic physics this game will blow your mind. All parts of pinball table are real objects and you can see how it works! Western style locations and environment gives you a lot of fun.IMPORTANT You can find SOUND, MUSIC and THEME options in standart iPhone Settings section. During the game pinch your fingers together or apart to toggle camera mode from live to fixed.FEATURES New improved 3D engine Missions and Checkpoints Hidden locations Realistic physics Multiball Camera effects with two modes Save/load game Unique sounds Original soundtrack Table tilting Local scores table World scores tableHOW TO PLAYWhen running the app, you are presented with a 3D simulated camera zoom, pan and fly-over of one of the games. Swiping right brings up Gameprom news and swiping left brings up the local score screen. Tapping on a game's fly-over screen starts game play. Controls in game: Tap ANYWHERE on the left side of screen to control the left flipper and ANYWHERE on the right side to control the right flipper. Shake your iPad to realistically shake the pinball table, but not too much or you'll tilt. Tap on the "electronic caption" at the top of the screen to pause or resume your game. During the game pinch your fingers together or apart to toggle camera mode from live to fixed.

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