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Slide the toilet paper down and try to unwind the
whole roll in the fastest time ever!

How to Play

1. At the ""Ready... Go!"" signal, touch the toilet
paper displayed on the screen and slide it down
to unwind it from the roll.

2. But be careful! If you try to slide it too
quickly, the paper will rip and you'll lose
precious time!

3. After you've unwound the entire roll, the time
it took you will be displayed.

4. If your time makes it into the top ranks,
you'll be taken to a screen where you can enter
your name!

5. On the ranking screen, you'll see all previous
best times. Hey, if you do really well, maybe
something will happen...?! Anyway, just do your
best, and try to top your own best time!

Two players can play this game simultaneously on
one iPhone/iPod touch! Try sitting face to face
for an exciting showdown!

An engrossing pastime when you're by yourself!
A fun party game when you're with your friends!
Keep pushing yourself to get your best time ever!

Note: Practicing on real toilet paper won't help
you improve your time in this game. Please help
preserve our natural resources!

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