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Also check out LOGO COLOR QUIZ -- It's NEW and FREE!----"a little known eXtreme Formula (futuristic Asphalt with hyper-boosters, very cool)." ..the Best Sense of Speed on the device."-------ABOUT: Synth Racing is the Ultimate Speed experience.How fast are your reflexes? because the better they are, the faster you'll fly. Hone your skill to reach increased levels of challenge. Traveling at 400km/h takes quite a bit of precision. Do you have what it takes? -------FEATURES: o Excellent Control o Super Smooth Frame Rate (60+ fps) o A Fresh Arcade Racing Experience o Beautiful Full Screen Color Changes o Barrel Roll, Tilt, and Retro-Boost Control Features o Three Obstacle Courses, One Practice Course o Four Vehicles (w/ Three colors each) o Music and Sound FX to match the Experience o Play your own music through iTunesCheck us out on YouTube:"Synth Racing""If Star Fox and Wipeout had a child, it'd be Synth Racing"Unparalleled Controls + Incredible Speed = Synth RacingSpeed is Beautiful.THE FANS DESERVE AN UPDATE!********************************I can hardly contain my excitement! You are going to LOVE what we have in store for you. Synth Racing was originally released in 2009, and at the time was rather popular. Since then, the iOS platform has grown tremendously. Now that we're coming back we plan to take advantage of every trick we can to deliver the sexiest looking, most feature packed game out there. Fear not though, we're keeping things locked at 60 fps, because sexy is no good if it's also not smooth.Version 1.5 is coming sooner than you think. So enjoy the current game (v1.004) as a relic of the past. We're about to blow the doors off what you've seen thus far. Here's a sneak peak at the feature list. - Universal App Support- Retina Display Support- Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards- Two Additional Game Modes- Higher Resolution Textures- Airplay- Updated Models/Textures- New Menus/Game UI..and that's just the start because we haven't even begun to talk about multiplayer yet. For pictures and an in browser demo, head over to the official thread on Touch Arcade. Thank you, mrWalrus

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