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$0.99 Sale Until May 1!

A top-down action shooter for your iPhone and iPod Touch!

Use your guns, missiles, and bombs to blast your way through 7 large, challenging levels. Fully utilizing the accelerometer of the iPhone and iPod Touch, this game is a nonstop battle through seas, deserts, snow, and mountains against hordes of relentless aliens. Collect powerups to become powerful enough to simply dominate those that would dare invade our beautiful planet.

- Uses the iPhone and iPod Touch accelerometer for easy, 1-handed play
- Large variety of small, large, slow, fast, and heavily armed enemies
- Fast, smooth animation with antialiased graphics
- Almost unlimited powerups allow you to dominate
- 7 large, varied levels, 3 difficulty settings
- Quality, professionally produced music tracks and sound effects
- Suspend/Resume feature allows you to pick up from the last level completed
- High scores list

Fans of old-school shmups and space shooters, this game is for you!

Reviews around the Web:

The iPhone App Review (9/10) : "Sentry Alpha is a great game. Probably one of the best, if not the best, Ive played on the iPhone. If you only had $2 to spend, Id spend it on this."

AppCraver (9/10) : "Overall Sentry Alpha makes for an excellent game. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants some inexpensive and engaging fun."

Touch Arcade: "Its somewhat slow paced, but the onscreen action is not sparse. Its an enjoyable iPhone shooter."

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