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Enjoy this rendition of the classic board game mancala! Features include:- Three levels of artificial intelligence to challenge players of all skill levels.- Play against a friend in two player mode Goal: Collect more stones than your opponent before the game ends. Board Layout: At the beginning of the game, each player has 6 wells in front of them each with 4 stones in them. At either end of the board is a store where each player collects stones. A player may only collect stones in the store to their right. Play: Players take turns picking from one of the 6 wells with stones from their side to move. Stones are moved in a counter-clockwise pattern one at a time into each successive hole until the contents of the selected well are emptied.Free Turn: A player may take two turns in a row (or more) when the last stone played falls into that player's store.Capture: A player may capture the contents of an opponent's well when the last stone played falls into an empty well directly across from the opponent's well.End Game: The game ends when one player has no stones remaining in their 6 wells. Any stones remaining on the other player's side are adding to the other player's store. The player with the most stones in their store at the end of the game wins.

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