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This…is…JEOPARDY! One of the most successful mobile games in history is now officially available and optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Experience the fast-paced fun of the television show by answering clues, wagering on daily doubles or risking it all in Final Jeopardy!

Key Features:
- Jam packed with almost 2000 multiple choice clues and 360 separate categories for hours of entertainment
- Clues written by the same writers of the actual show
- Customizable characters
- Use touchscreen to write your name on the podium just like a real contestant
- Three modes of difficulty
- Original introduction and theme song from the actual show

What others are saying

"In all, fans of the 25 year old quiz show will likely find Jeopardy! for the iPhone to deliver an enjoyable mobile take on the game." Touch Arcade

"...sleek interface complete with multiple choice questions, daily doubles, and the option to pass on questions you don’t know." - Tap Critic

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