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www.iphonekungfu.com presents iKungFu!

Fancy yourself as a block-breaking Kung Fu master? Now you can live your martial arts dream on your iPhone with this fun, free app from iPhone Kung Fu.com - The Path To iPhone Enlightenment.

Shake your iPhone in a chopping motion to break the various objects placed in front of you to proceed to the next level. Just make sure you hold on tight as the levels get harder!

This free game has been made available by iPhone Kung Fu (www.iphonekungfu.com), the web's number one source for iPhone news, reviews, free ringtones and video tips.

Check us out today at WWW.IPHONEKUNGFU.COM

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#7 lowest rated IOS sports game (#79 on IOS, #4002 overall)


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#18 hardest IOS sports game (#478 on IOS, #14723 overall)


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