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"The closest you will get to swimming underwater with your iPhone or iPod Touch..."Welcome to Coral Racer, an underwater dodging game. It’s perfect for those who have always been wary of scuba diving but were frustrated that snorkeling didn’t get them close enough.PLEASE NOTECoral Racer is about 50 MB in size. You will need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to download directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch.FEATURES- Hundreds of coral- Intuitive touch controls- 3 song soundtrack- 3 different courses- 4 medals to earn- Race mode for points and medals- Swim mode to swim as long as you like- No loading screensHOW TO PLAYOnce you've chosen to Race or Swim, touch and hold the screen to start swimming. Move your finger on the screen to dodge coral and other obstacles. If you collide with something, lift your finger and touch the screen again to start swimming.SCORINGFor each obstacle that you have successfully avoid, you receive 100 points. If you collide with something, you won't earn that 100 points. You can collide with the same obstacle more than once without losing additional points. Bonus points are awarded if a course is completed without collisions. Medals are awarded if the course was completed without collisions and at Fast or Very Fast speeds (depending on the course).

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