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Chitty Chitty Original

A red ball moves along trails, which
are shown on tiles of different patterns.
The idea is to form a track for the ball
that doesn’t end up into an edge.


- Controls

One of the tiles on the board is always
empty. The vertical and horizontal axes
around this empty slot can be slided one
full range at a time.

Just touch the tile you want to move,
and drag it into the desired direction.

- Game Over:

The game is over when:

1) The ball bumps into an edge
2) It hits a tile in motion

- Mechanics:

· As time runs, the ball speeds up.
· Effects can at any time rotate, shuffle or swap the tiles.
· A counter above and below the
screen shows your time performance.

How long will you hold?

Extended Features of the paid-for version

· Pause button
· Random changes that affect the board
· 3 difficulty levels (easy / normal / hard)
· Scoreboard with rankings for all levels

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