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If you're stuck in USA Today: Don't Quote Me, ask your fellow GameFAQs members for help.

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USA TODAY brings to you the game of Skill, Knowledge & Really, Really Good Guesses! Identify speakers of an amazing variety of memorable quotes, from the historic to the hilarious, from the noble to the notorious!

1.Quotes from Sports, Books, Arts, Music, Pop Culture, Movies and more
2. Fast paced with hints, timer and sound effects
3.Fun facts and Bios
4.Add to favorites
5.Share with friends
6.Quick Play mode
7.High scores

BONUS FEATURE: Quote of the Day - new quotes daily!

NOTE: Please reboot the phone after installation. Press the Sleep/Wake (on top of device) and Home buttons together till Apple logo appears (do not use the red slider to power off even when it appears).

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