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ON SALE NOW .. 99C !Table Tennis Star captures the essence of this fast paced game, presenting an addictive challenge. Choose from a pool of 12 characters and with your bat and ball take on the best players in the World in Europe, U.S. and China. There are 3 exciting modes to keep you playing for hours. Play a single quick match for those short gaming moments or the Challenge Mode for an onslaught against all opponents. For the more serious gamer, the Turbo Mode tests your skills to the limit so don't be surprised if your palms break sweat whilst playing! Do you have what it takes to be a Table Tennis Star?An Ideal game for fans of sports games like Virtual Pool, Real Football 2009, International Snooker and iPingpong 3DFor games that really rock (and roll and shake and) Check out www.youtube/thqwirelessOther games from THQ Wireless:PASS THE PIGS A dice game with a difference!STAR WARS FORCE UNLEASHED iPhone version of the hugely successful console gameDE BLOB Paint the town Red, or blue or greeniPhone version of the best selling Wii gameSTAR WARS SOUND BOARD The best sound bites from your favourite Star Wars characters!SUPER FRUITFALL - Match 3, screen tilting puzzle fun!CHOP SUSHI One of the best Puzzle, match 3 games on the iPhone and iPod Touch

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#18 lowest rated IOS sports game (#204 on IOS, #8344 overall)


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